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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Running ScaredTense, unknown atmosphere. Scurrying percussion strikes fear as panicked strings grow and intensify to point of insanity. Sudden hush at 1:36.Lisle H Moore (ASCAP) 100% Sparse Intensity 2Sparse Intensity 2 is a silent killer. We've beefed up the intensity, drama and thrills for volume 2, but still half the calories. Perfect for underscore and promos.Who Did That MusicAtmosphere/AmbientTL0942016-02-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Beauty and ChaosIntense dance beat with electronic warfare crashing everywhere. Pulsing driving synths party hard. Build to huge rise and drop at 0:15.William Arnett (BMI) 100% ComplextroWhen editors dream, they dream in Complextro.IgniteElectronica/Dance/Techno/ClubIG0332015-12-16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Holding Hands In The RainGo ahead, jump in that puddle! Let go with this ecstatic and invigorating indie-folk/pop/twee delight filled with frisky flute, lively ukulele, magical bells, toy piano, bouncy upright-bass, crisp acoustic-guitar, energized vocal ornaments and steady drums unleashing a flurry of feel-good, smile-inducing energy!Matthew Robert Mateus (SESAC) 50% , Jeremy Robert Chatelain (SESAC) 50% Hello Sunshine - Carefree Quirky DelightfulLight up your commercials and promos with this delightfully upbeat and cheerfully quirky collection of feel-good Indie-Pop/Folk tunes! Chock-full of playful, charming instruments and musical knick-knacks galore, you're sure to smile when you hear HELLO SUNSHINE!Non-Stop Producer SeriesAcousticNSPS2182016-05-12
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Synthetic Texture 1sparkling waves of synthetic sounds, thrilling pulse, repetitive - 90 BPM, Full MixLars Kurz (GEMA) 100% Synthetic TexturesOr: The future sound of science! Ambient soundworlds created for lab, research, development, theory and digital wizardry.Massive BassAtmospheres/Drones/BedsMASSIVE10162016-02-29
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1150 ProofFast paced, driving epic classic rock, with edgy guitar riffs and huge aggressive drums. Unstoppable riffing solo at 1:11. Think driving hard and fast, sex and blue jeans, getting pumped.Scott Fritz (BMI) 100% Rock RoyaleOne of the finest collections of rock Groove Addicts has ever released. Epic, timeless and classic, huge and intense- the final stop on the road to rock perfection. All hail Rock Royale!Groove AddictsRockGA0442016-01-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Against the WorldDJ $crilla presents; Intense. Straight outta the hood, rebellious. Epic strings backup urban trap hip hop beats and tense horns on the edge of action. Hip hop vocalsDaniel Delaney (APRA) 50% , Chris B Harris (ASCAP) 50% Flow Hip Hop HitsDJ $crilla present a 100% legit, on fleek hip hop hits. From chest pounding epic urban anthems to booty shaking club bangers, these songs ball hard!Groove AddictsHip-Hop/Rap/UrbanGA0452016-01-19
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1ChipperEnergized banjo plays happily over quick, upbeat ukelele and drums. Piano takes the melody at 0:29 with banjo.Ehren Ebbage (BMI) 100% CuteInstant cuteness. A collection of organic, simple folk pop. No cheese, no pretensions- just pure, unadulterated happiness.IgniteChildren/Cartoon/ComedyIG0322015-12-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Curtain TwitchersInquisitive pizzicato xylophones and strings giving a curious yet secretive feel.John Winfield (PRS) 50% , Pierre Hopkins (PRS) 50% Meet The DramedysDramedy for all the family and the oddities of everyday life. From curious and strange to dramatic and comical. Perfect for reality TV, sitcoms or fly on the wall documentaries.Sauce MusicFilm/TVSAUC0182016-03-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7HellbentA pleasant and somewhat somber piano intro things quickly grows intense and threatening tossing back and forth in the conflict between mindful serenity and an epic struggle.Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 100% Epicenter - Massive, EpicIntense, electrifying power and epic, sweeping dystopian scores. These powerfully deep-seeded themes transport into a world of adrenaline fueled inspiration, thundering opposition and a measure of hope for the future. Earth shattering booms, industrial grinds, searing, guitar-driven excitement and epic, orchestra-fueled grandiosity, sets your pulse racing and your adrenaline flowing. These tracks run thick and deep!!AudioActiveRockAA0112015-11-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks25Acoustic GuitarsAmbient acoustic guitar stums, calming, positiveDavid Marsden (PRS) 100% Drones Vol.4Drones in a range of moods and styles. From Orchestral to electronic.RSMDrones/BedsRSM1862015-11-18
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5The ArenaForceful, driving, attacking. Overdrive guitars blaze away, toms rolling and cymbals crashing. Huge, fierce build at 1:21.Mark Moore (ASCAP) 100% The Heavy Epic RockLive fast, die young. An epic collection of driving rock riffage that spans the bridge between extreme sports and post apocalypse.GravityRockGV10722015-11-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Life LinerTension underscore with a nice storyF. Gerard (BUMA) 50% , G. Small (BUMA) 50% RealityTension builders ideal for Reality showsTRX Music LibrarySolo/Featured InstrumentTRX1242015-11-11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Us All AlongSincere. Complacent guitars and high, echoing piano stroll along easily. Big double time pickup at 0:53 with energized vocal ohs. Mix of content reminiscence and peppy optimism.Ehren Ebbage (BMI) 100% Cascadia Indie Folk PopA woodsy, organic collection of storytelling indie folk pop. Music that at times stomps and rollicks, sometimes soothes like a gentle wind in the trees- There's a familiar wisdom and coming of age to be found among the branched notes of Cascadia.Groove AddictsFolkGA0432015-10-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4Welcome to RioJubilant. Euphoric strings and horns with inviting Brazilian rhythms and epic drums. Magic is in the air melody at 0:12, 0:38, 1:32.Stephen Anderson (BMI) 100% Viva BrasilOlympic sized epic Brazil music. Full orchestra, live players, no holds barred. Strong themes, plenty of underscore, huge Brazilian percussion ensembles with mixouts- this is the complete package for maximum Brazil impact.RevolucionOrchestral/SymphonicNRV30042015-10-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10Seconds To GoDangerous perilious intense drama suspense tension mystery atmospheric dark contemplative intrigue unsettling uneasy throbbing pulsing conspiracy thinking surprises challenges agitated moody haunting electronic elements disturbing nail-biting hair-raisingAlbert Calvo (APRA) 100% REALITY TENSIONBuilding tensions and ticking timers.Adrenalin Production Music LibraryAtmosphere/AmbientAD21722015-09-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Feel The FireHot and energetic! Feel the heat with this rock tune exploding with spirited electric guitars, groovy bass riffs and a tough female rock vocal you don't want to mess with. POI @ :30 breaks with a sweet electric guitar riff and shining cymbals only to bump it up into hyper gear for a return to the main theme. Can you feel the fire? Rock - Classic Rock, Alternative, Hard, Film/TV, Corporate, Documentary. 138 BPM. Full Mix.Stephen Michael Newman (BMI) 50% , Michael Jay McClellan (BMI) 50% Commercial Lingerie XI - This One Goes To ElevenDon't touch that dial! You'll be instantly hooked on this super-catchy, diverse collection of commercial/ad inspired tracks! From feel-good indie-anthems, to inspiring alt/orchestral-ballads, electrifying electronica and fist-pumping rockers you'll find the perfect match in Commercial Lingerie 11!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS2042015-09-17
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Vintage ChillPunchy drums, haunting warped pads and distorted electric guitars melt together in this chill, futuristic ambient/soundscape ditty. Dreamy piano and "whoa"; male vocals prove to be the perfect recipe for an inviting hypnotizing session. Rock - Indie, Pop, Alternative, Film/TV, Documentary, Mystery. 120 BPM. Full Mix.Stephen Michael Newman (BMI) 50% , Michael Jay McClellan (BMI) 50% Commercial Lingerie XI - This One Goes To ElevenDon't touch that dial! You'll be instantly hooked on this super-catchy, diverse collection of commercial/ad inspired tracks! From feel-good indie-anthems, to inspiring alt/orchestral-ballads, electrifying electronica and fist-pumping rockers you'll find the perfect match in Commercial Lingerie 11!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS2042015-09-17
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Feel Of SummerElectro pop from the top of the charts: sunny deep house groove with sweet guitar melody. The ideal soundtrack for the beach, catwalk, fashion, summer lifestyle & celebreties affairs. 122 BPM. Full mix.Stefan Schnabel (BMI) 100% EU-TRON-ICAeuphoric european dance pop, EDM, minimal techno and chill out for youth & club culture, nightlife, beach, fashion and other sorts of hedonismPerfect PitchElectronicaPP0242015-09-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks19Heavens doorMysterious humour. Unromantic comedy. Untalented detective. Unsatisfied housewives. Private investigations. Quite funny. 119 BPM. Full mix.Tom Lang (GEMA) 100% Subtle Humourquirky and eccentric themes for classy comedy, ambiguous sensations, stylish fails and exaggerated understatementPerfect PitchChildren/Cartoon/ComedyPP0232015-08-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14Te Llevare hasta las EstrellasSmooth Bachata. Precise, syncopated guitars flow easily over intricate Latin percussion. Soaring synths and electric bass solo at 0:59.Alex Wilson (PRS) 100% Reality Latina 2 Bachata and BeyondReality Latina 2 serves up the perfect blend of Bachata, Latin Pop and Rock for reality, magazine and novela programming. Smooth as underscore, but spicy enough to carry a segment.RevolucionLatin PopNRV30072015-06-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4Wavin the FlagBig bad southern rock country groove sits back on strong beat. Guitars swagger confidently through the piece. Funky harmonies give extra twang.Scott Fritz (BMI) 100% Ditties 3Perhaps the best collection yet in the Ditties series. Ditties 3 brings fresh bumpers, vampable middles and stings. By popular demand, we've included more epic southern rock and driving EDM tunes in this release. So easy to edit or just drop in your production as-is to effortlessly get in and out of break. Ditties also work excellently as underscore for quick paced programming.MindBendersBumpers, Vamps, StingsMB0132015-05-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14The GameHip Hop. Let's play! This confident hip hop piece is lookin' for a win with rat-a-tat beats and an intensifying rise synth intro. Tasty groove supports a bold rap. Intensifying synth leads to a booming finish.William Arnett (BMI) 50% , Chris B Harris (ASCAP) 50% Platinum Beatz Hip HopChart busting, platinum Hip Hop for promos, trailers, underscore and advertising.IgniteHip HopIG0312015-05-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1From Blairgowrie To BeijingBeautiful,cinematic and poignant modern solo piano.Evolves in a slow mesmerising fashion with a widescreen ambienceSophie Pointer (PRS) 90% , Christopher Phillips (PRS) 10% Minimal Indie PianoQuietly reflective and evocotive pieces- inner dialogues and internal landscapes,organic, transparent and calmIndiesonics LibraryFilm/TVIND0172016-03-12
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Burning For YouGlossy and shimmering with bright, fuzzy synth pulses creating an ambient feel over punchy drum programming, soaring synth filters and automated vocals. Version - Full MixMichael Whittaker (ASCAP) 100% Dark PopAmbient Textured, Effect Heavy Synthesizers And Massive Drum Programming Create A Parallel Electronic World.615 Platinum SeriesDance/ElectronicSFL12182016-03-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1DreamingMellow and calming, featuring pleasant synthesizer, female oohs-aahs and beats that create a psychedelic, slick mood.Daniel Kvak (OSA) 100% Future BassLaidback with Trap, Neo Soul and Chill Out elements.Sprint EdgeElectronicaSPRE0032016-02-03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Duck Duck MooseGet your giggles in this fun, upbeat comedic jazz track swingin with silly kazoo, playful vocal sounds, bouncy piano, lively drums, carefree bass and quirky percussion. No laugh track needed!Adam Mark Gubman (ASCAP) 100% Comedy a la Carte 2 - Ha-Ha He-Hay Ho-HoGet your giggles with this super-fun, wildly entertaining collection of comedy-inspired tracks. From ridiculous knee-slappin' ditties to cheeky sonic caricatures, you're sure to chuckle with every laugh-loaded tune in Comedy a la Carte 2!Non-Stop Producer SeriesJazzNSPS2142016-03-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2HypersonicAlternative rock for adrenaline junkies! Fun guitar riffs with energised drums lead to frenzied synth from 1:47Michael Farmer (PRS) 100% V.Amped UpUpfront indie rock featuring raw guitars riffs, dynamic drums and glossy synths.V-The Production LibraryRockV1522016-02-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Hip OperationFunky rhythms and euphoric organ melodies evoke simpler times. This warm 70's production, oozing positivity, is certain to put a swagger in your step!Connor Fitzgerald (APRA) 100% Upbeat FunkUsing period instruments, vintage recording equipment and long forgotten studio techniques, Upbeat Funk is guaranteed take you on a sonic journey back to the 1970's! Whether it's funky cop show cues, sun & surf scores, comedic pimping tracks or simply music to strut your 70's stuff to - you'll find it on OIL010!,OilFunkOIL0102016-02-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Are You ReadyUpbeat and fun with big stomps, claps, and gang vocals over a commercial sounding indie rock bed.Tyler Cain (BMI) 50% , Meghan Linsey (BMI) 50% Indie Youth Vol. 2On The Verge And Upbeat Indie Rocks Songs With Stylish Synthesizers And Upbeat, Contagious Vocal Anthems. 615 Platinum SeriesRockSFL12162015-12-11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10600hrs SUNRISESleepy piano and warm, awakening glockenspiel over a shimmering dawn ambience.. Organic Neoclassical. 50bpm. Main Mix.RICH VITAL (PRS) 90% , ROB ROCKER (PRS) 10% Urbanistica (Day Hours Edition)24 City Moments. 24 City Lives.The Funky JunkiesDramaTFJ0322015-03-27
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Happy Brass RemixHappy, funny, cheerful, cheeky, easy, moving, driving, sweet, positive, sexy, an uplifting modern jazzy electro swing groove with an optimistic acoustic stride piano, brass hits & a charming whistle theme, electronic fx, DJ, remixed, film, TV, urban, cosmopolitan, club, groove, beat, remix, fun, comedy, kids, humor, cartoon, kitsch, humorous, lifestyle, leisure, holiday, fashion, young, trendy, fresh, hip, easy, feel-good, whistling, groovy, bouncy, jazzy, electro, swing, easy listening, ragtime, ballroom, speakeasy, lindy hop, jitterbug, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, vintage, retro, vinyl, nu jazz, dance, party, cocktail, casino, bar, cafe, movie, documentary, trailer, promo, reality-tv, commercial, ads, advertising, magazine, boulevard, homepage, new media, theme, underscoreGlenn Cartier (GEMA) 50% , Brandon Mancuso (GEMA) 50% Happy Electro SwingThe ultimate happy & humorous electro swing collection! Trendy contemporary club beats come together with jazzy elements, funny scat vocals, vintage horns, gypsy guitars, kazoo, cheeky ragtime & retro swing riffs, remixed to a modern happy-go-lucky music!CosMind Production MusicJazzCPM45502015-01-14
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1The SecretRomantic - Blues, Folk, Easy Listening, Pop - Lighthearted, Sincere, Earnest, Hopeful. Growing old is not an option. This light and easy swinging blues tune is all about finding the secret to the fountain of youth.John Joseph Torres (BMI) 50% , Timothy T Kobza (ASCAP) 50% Just For The Love Of ItAn indie artist compilation featuring songs about love: Falling in love, being in love, friendship, pets, valentines, birthdays and more.Song Junkies MusicRomanticSJM0062015-10-12
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