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Play Add Click to view album tracks11Cosmo Girl RewiredPositive, youthful vocals and aggressive pop orchestration meet in this remix of "Cosmo Girl."; Vocal. Remix version.Book Of HooksMidcoast Music Wired01:04 
Play Add Click to view album tracks20Happy WhistlerHappy folk country time! Whistles, vocals and dobro float over a bed of acoustic guitars, banjo and percussion. Vocal. Main version.Book Of HooksMidcoast Music Wired00:35 
Play Add Click to view album tracks48Ooh La La RewiredZoolander approved Euro-bass, manipulated vocals, a driving kick drum and hypnotic synths meld in this remix of "Ooh La La."; Vocal. Remix 30 version.Book Of HooksMidcoast Music Wired00:33 
Play Add Click to view album tracks5Easy PeasyOrganic, upbeat and positive pop with a country flair. Instrumental. 30 Promo version.Wired - Pep PopMidcoast Music Wired00:37 
Play Add Click to view album tracks2Here She ComesHappy and melodic retro tinged pop with a catchy hook. Instrumental. 30 Promo version.Wired - Pep PopMidcoast Music Wired00:36 
Play Add Click to view album tracks2Hang On McmA positive, upbeat pop-rock song reminding us to look on the bright side. Vocal. 30 Promo version.Pop-ComMidcoast Music Artist Songs00:36 
Play Add Click to view album tracks6Cigarettes And Caffeine Nightmares McmThe hook of this song hits you right out of the gates! Upbeat, fun and energetic. Instrumental. 30 Promo version.Cigarettes And Caffiene NightmaresMidcoast Music Artist Songs00:30 
Play Add Click to view album tracks26Little Black Dress McmDynamic pop rocker. She knows it's going to be alright. Vocal. 30 Promo version.Happy AccidentsMidcoast Music Artist Songs00:28 
Play Add Click to view album tracks6Felicia McmModern day melodic guitar based pop rock. Pounding drums and melodic hooks abound. Instrumental. 30 Promo version.More About YouMidcoast Music Artist Songs00:38 
Play Add Click to view album tracks10Housework McmTime to tidy up the place. This is the perfect track for an epic cleaning montage. The combination of marimba, a polka beat and sleigh bells give this track full on 1950's-department-store cred. Instrumental. 30 Promo version.Pop GunMidcoast Music Artist Songs00:35 
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November 6, 2015
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