MidCoast Music Love Songs - Film, Drama

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Play Add Click to view album tracks7Not Alone McmReflective sad but hopeful ballad of young relationships. Vocal. Main version.On My OwnMidcoast Music Artist Songs04:18 
Play Add Click to view album tracks9Love Is On The Rise McmPositvie, affirming lyrics accompanied by a sparse, laid back arrangement featuring violin. Vocal. Main version.Pop-ComMidcoast Music Artist Songs03:40 
Play Add Click to view album tracks10The More She Gets The More She Wants McmA laid back rootsy rock ballad with a 1970's feel. Her insatiablity knows no bounds. Vocal. Main version.The Why And The What ForMidcoast Music Artist Songs05:14 
Play Add Click to view album tracks7I Wait Alone McmStarts as a ballad and evolves into a rocker. Lots of dynamic contrast throughout and a soulful melody. Vocal. Main version.Cigarettes And Caffiene NightmaresMidcoast Music Artist Songs03:59 
Play Add Click to view album tracks33I Wish It Was September McmSlow and sad ballad about September and life changes. Vocal. Main version.A Walk In The ParkMidcoast Music Artist Songs03:54 
Play Add Click to view album tracks28Unspoken McmPlayful happy go lucky ditty about youthful love. Vocal. Main version.On My OwnMidcoast Music Artist Songs04:31 
Play Add Click to view album tracks9Short Order Girl McmRelaxed, laid back country tinged folk vignette singing the praises of a small town waitress. Vocal. Main version.Gripping TalesMidcoast Music Artist Songs03:02 
Play Add Click to view album tracks28Can't Forget You McmReflective love song with dramatic and dynamic transitions. Etherial with a hypnotic repetative evolving arpeggio. Vocal. Main version.Love is a Beautiful ThingMidcoast Music Artist Songs03:24 
Play Add Click to view album tracks4I Wouldn't Change A Thing McmHooky melodic electric slide tells a pop love story. 70's power pop with moving chord changes. Vocal. Main version.I'm FlyingMidcoast Music Artist Songs03:31 
Play Add Click to view album tracks16The Way You Need McmShe needs him much more than he needs her. Dark and dynamic song about the end of a relationship. Vocal. Main version.Happy AccidentsMidcoast Music Artist Songs03:19 
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November 6, 2015
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