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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3ElectricRolling, summertime indie rock. A strong hooky bass-line leads with distorted guitar under a bold and ultra-cool female vocal.Wayne Murray (PRS) 50% , Timothy Larcombe (PRS) 50% Lipstick HeroinesWild, riot grrrl inspired indie punk featuring fierce female vocals and fun guitar hooks.CPMRockCAR4872016-06-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks22Get To KnowThis unique, feel-good pop/R&B/electronica track oozes playful nostalgia with pulsing fx, sparkly synth chords, deep sub bass, fresh keys, frolicking mid-tempo drums and lively percussion. Fun, atmospheric and laidback. #GroovealiciousMichael Jay McClellan (BMI) 50% , Stephen Michael Newman (BMI) 50% Ice HotelExperience songcraft at its finest in this compelling collection of Rock, Pop, Dance, and Acoustic tracks from the Valo Artist Ice Hotel. Ranging from radio-ready rockers to indie-electronic jams and stripped-down/unplugged songs.VALO ArtistsPopVALO2122017-05-16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4Bring to LifePositive nu folk. Building piano phrase with uplifting lift from 0:46. Vocal chants from 1:02. Fulfilling, happy lives.Ian Clarke (PRS) 50% , Simon Painter (PRS) 50% Acoustic EvolutionIntimate, folk influenced exploration of natural wonder and beauty.CPMAcousticCAR4802016-01-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Hop, Skip And A JumpPleasant and casual with choppy piano chords, clean guitar, drums and bass supporting friendly, chipper glockenspiel and piano melodies. Version - Full MixMichael Whittaker (ASCAP) 100% Positive Piano Vol. 3Keyboard Heavy Songs With A Bright And Fresh Sound And An Upbeat Attitude.615 Platinum SeriesAdult ContemporarySFL12122015-01-20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Kick StartGet it started with rockin' guitars, driving drums and pounding bass in this uplifting, feel-good indie/alt rock anthem. POI at :48 melodic piano adds even more positive energy as the tune slowly builds back into the breathtaking, invigorating theme! Rock - Indie Rock, Alternative. 147 BPM. Full Mix.David Kos Rolfe (ASCAP) 100% Positive Rock - Department of EnergyFeel the electricity in this dynamic, uplifting collection of feel-good rock tunes. From inspiring indie-rock/pop anthems to blazing, riff-fueled alt-rockers you're sure to dig POSITIVE ROCK!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS1730000-00-00
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks22School RunCountry-western swing with marimba & electric guitars. Catch me if you can! Guitar solo @ 0'56. Hurried & busy. Eric Chevet (No Affiliation) 33.34%, Olivier Pain-Hermier (SACEM) 33.33%, Lauran Dc (SACEM) 33.33%Good MoodFun, Positive, CarefreeInfiniFunINF0092012-04-26
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Jalapeno SummerGuitar and hand claps with vocal oohs and a summer feel adding a touch of spiceJohn Winfield (PRS) 100% The Quirky MachineThe Quirky Machine produces wonderfully wacky, off the wall, out of the ordinary tracks. It has many styles from cool to comical, featuring xylophones, whistling, banjos, handclaps and quirky vocals over a variety of ska, indie-pop, bossa-nova and other fun and unusual rhythmic tracks.Sauce MusicChildren/Cartoon/KidsSAUC0042011-03-17
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Get Up Get GoingShakers and tambourines under a cute, smiling guitar melody lead into an upbeat, easygoing groove. Version - Full MixDave Cleveland (BMI) 50% , Ken Lewis (BMI) 10% , Scott Dente (BMI) 10% , Blair Masters (BMI) 10% , Bill Whittington (BMI) 10% , Matthew Pierson (SESAC) 10% Acoustic Breeze Vol. 4Simple And Easy Acoustic-Based Music Beds With An Optimistic, Positive Sound.615 Platinum SeriesAcousticSFL12142015-04-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Indigo PlaygroundAlternative - Rock. Vocal ""whoo""; hook pushed along by organic feelgood band. 124 bpm. Full Mix.Scott Dente (BMI) 34%, Ken Lewis (BMI) 33%, Matt Stansfield (ASCAP) 33%HeliumAlternative rock musicGravityAlternativeGV10642012-02-05
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5Animated ThinkingExtraordinary Simplicity - Circular repeating patterns with soft melodic phrases. Whimsical vibe and light perpetual motion Ross Hughes (PRS) 50%, Esben Tjalve (KODA) 50%Friendly Little StoriesSimple and beautifully crafted moods and storyboardsCPMLifestyleCAR4282012-05-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Clever IdeasA melodic, cascading piano dances while plucked strings, cheery bells, airy woodwinds and warm bass playfully prance in this lively, infectious tune.Michael R. Hicks (ASCAP) 100% Less Is MoreLess is more! Enjoy this simply stunning, elegantly refined collection of minimalistic compositions crafted with only the essential ingredients. From inspirational ballads and heartwarming underscores, to straightforward, honest and magnificently.Naked MusicEasy ListeningNAKD0012014-06-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14Happy ChildrenBouncing along with a happy quirky sound.Peter Max (PRS) 100% Reggae FunHappy and uplifting children's themes with a reggae feel.Cute MusicChildren/Cartoon/KidsCute 1512016-02-08
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12Good FeelingOptimistic Days - Catchy feelgood pop with spirited female vocal layers VoxPaul Cartledge (PRS) 33.34%, Rosabella Gregory (PRS) 33.33%, Philip J Jewson (PRS) 33.33%Friendly Little StoriesSimple and beautifully crafted moods and storyboardsCPMLifestyleCAR4282012-05-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4Someday SoonHopeful, growing. Quick, intent piano tune moves along as percussion slowly joins. Big swell and simple strings add at 0:28.Ehren Ebbage (BMI) 100% CuteInstant cuteness. A collection of organic, simple folk pop. No cheese, no pretensions- just pure, unadulterated happiness.IgniteChildren/Cartoon/ComedyIG0322015-12-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2PlaygroundVibrant and bouncy, featuring bright acoustic guitar, pulsing piano, and shimmering synthesizer that create a cheerful, delighted mood.Jan Klenik (OSA) 100% Positively Commercial 2Upbeat and bright integrating styles of Indie Pop and Electro Pop, featuring occasion vocal oohs, acoustic guitar and synth textures that create a feel-good, energetic and enthusiastic mood.SprintPopSPRT0632015-06-03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Flower DaysPositive folk pop rock track with child friendly mallet melodies answered by adult guitar parts. Great for family scenes and products, motivating programs or food commercials. Folk - Pop, Beat, Bright/Optimistic, Acoustic, Motivational. 112 BPM. Full Mix.Steven Solveig (GEMA) 50% , Queens Road (GEMA) 50% ADitude - Commercial VibesThe Producers' Dream CD. Find the perfect fit from upbeat and edgy to positive, energetic and inspiring. The go-to collection for promos, infomercials, adverts and corporate productions. AttitudeFolkATUD0142015-09-02
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9Mums The BestLeisure & Lifestyle. Happy, Kids, Children, Feel-Good, Parenting, Discovery, Fun, Puppets, Make-Believe, Play, Face Painting, School Holidays, Shopping Trip. Full Mix. Andrew Healey (APRA) 100% Leisure & LifestyleHappy, Kids, Children, Feel-Good, Parenting, Discovery, Fun, Puppets, Make-Believe, Play, Face Painting, School Holidays, Shopping Trip.Adrenalin Production Music LibraryLeisure, LifestyleAD21282013-02-20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks33No Place Like ThisYou're sure to smile when you hear this invigorating, nostalgia drenched indie folk anthem, flying high with lively acoustic guitars, warm piano, racing drums, pounding bass and melodic, twangy electric guitar lines. A down-home jam if ever there was one. Acoustic - Country, Bluegrass, Indie, Vacation, Motivational, Travel, Rock. 122 BPM. Full Mix.Peter Luke Adams (ASCAP) 50% , James William Driscoll (BMI) 50% Coming Home - Featuring HandsomeA VALO collection of home/family-inspired songs. Uplifting and nostalgic Folk, Americana, Pop, Country, Indie and Acoustic genres featuring beautiful, heartfelt vocal performances.VALO ArtistsAcousticVALO2102015-09-10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks31Baby ElephantMedium up tempo light hearted activity features xylophone and muted brass David Farnon (PRS) 100%Comedy - Tv - EntertainmentCartoon, children, sit-com, big band, solo InstrumentsCPMComedyCAR2571998-02-05
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15First DaySlowly building guitar, piano and drums. Circling and uplifting. Version - Full MixAndrew Britton (PRS) 50% , David Goldsmith (PRS) 50% Uplifting RhythmsPositively charged grooves with players, real rhythms, smiley beats and positive fun!In-spiredAcousticIPM0052009-12-10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Jangle JungleAn ambient and airy tune with glossy, echoing melodies and slippery slide guitar notes over fast, upbeat rhythms.Bryan New (ASCAP) 100% Melodic DriveFlowing And Friendly, Oozing Positive Vibes In Every Direction.MetroAdult ContemporaryMMP1142016-03-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1IstrumFolk - Pop, Rock, Advertising - Delightful, Merry, Jubilant, Lively. A refreshingly simple and upbeat acoustic tune with a little electro love.Lindsay A Tomasic (ASCAP) 100% iFolkFun loving, catchy and quirky laptop folk with multiple user friendly versions and commercial cuts.Frameworks MusicPopFWM732015-03-10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Creative CountingHome, Acoustic, Relaxed, Soft Pop, Arthouse, Positive,F. Gerard (BUMA) 50% , G. Small (BUMA) 50% HomeAcousticTRX Music LibraryAcousticTRX1022014-01-24
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6Busy As A BeeModern hoedown piece with dancing funk guitars and bass. Breaks down with a loving organ and pleasant piano. Happy bells. Calms with piano and mysterious synth. Finishes with a strong hoedown-dancing beat. Pop - Rock. Full Mix.Justin Cash (ASCAP) 100% OutshineHappiness and sunshine in a bottle. Guaranteed to brighten the mood of anything it touches.GravityPopGV10692013-11-11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3A Happy & Wonderful LifeEasy, positive, optimistic, happy, relaxed acoustic pop theme with acoustic guitar, violin and whistling.John Goldham (GEMA) 50% , Pete Mason (GEMA) 50% Easy Lifestyle - Feel Good MusicA captivating collection of Feel Good Music in various styles and genres with sunny & bright moods and loads of good vibes. Catchy pop-rock themes, optimistic & motivational instrumentals and easy-going folky tunes for advertising, promos, film, documentary, boulevard, magazines and daytime TV.CosMind Production MusicFilm/TV StylesCPM45070000-00-00
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Friend For LifeExtraordinary Simplicity - Sincere and magical waltz. Featuring gentle glock and lilting cello. A sense of innocent contentment Leo Myers (PRS) 50%, Dylan Colby (PRS) 50%Friendly Little StoriesSimple and beautifully crafted moods and storyboardsCPMLifestyleCAR4282012-05-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Mr. GoodpopHappy easy strolling tune with heart beating beats and flavorful synth accents. Light hearted guitars and synth at :45. Pop Rock - Pop, Electronic. Full Mix.Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100% GEN MYoung, energetic pop and pop rock.Groove AddictsPop, RockGA0332013-07-11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Gather FriendsHappy. Exciting, energized vintage guitars with driving bass and claps. Carefree vocalists' ohs soar. Driving rhythms power forward.Ehren Ebbage (BMI) 100% Cascadia Indie Folk PopA woodsy, organic collection of storytelling indie folk pop. Music that at times stomps and rollicks, sometimes soothes like a gentle wind in the trees- There's a familiar wisdom and coming of age to be found among the branched notes of Cascadia.Groove AddictsFolkGA0432015-10-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks20Kids In FlightPercolating and spacey with a holiday shine. Soft tone melodies grown from low synth notes and are joined by bell-like instruments that create a light-hearted, good-natured feel. Traditional holiday sounding with electronic beats and textures giving a m. Version - Full MixPhraze (BMI) 50% , Todd Andrew (BMI) 50% HappyFrom Cute And Quirky To Upbeat And Cool, Positive Music Beds That Will Put A Smile On Your Face.Minimal MusicCorporateMIN0102011-04-08
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Here We GoInnocent & bright. Bike rides in Summertime. Blue Sky Thinking. Version - Full MixTony Rutherford (PRS) 100% Kooky Acoustic 2Further fun, freaks & geeks. A collection of quirky cameos played by the In-spired house band. It’s a proper smiler.In-spiredAcousticIPM0222011-02-08
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