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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks35Flooding The Darkness30 commercial cut. Main dub step section with driving beats and ambient textures. Shea Stedford (PRS) 100% DisconnectionsAmbient electronica dark illuminations; serious modern drama documentary.CPMPromo, CutCAR4562014-05-03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks28Dominant ForceBuilding string and drum tension insistent relentless movement 30SecAltv1Chris Goulstone (PRS) 100%Dominant Forces - Trailers & PromosPowerful Guitar Driven Anthems, Global EuphoriaCPMFilm, TrailerCAR414B2011-08-29
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks31GenesisDriving and upbeat brass with electronic beat. Version - 29 SecJames Kelly (PRS) 100% Kick Ass BrassUpbeat, Bold And Energetic Brass Tracks With A Feel Good MoodRSMR & B/SoulRSM1902016-02-26
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks28Beautiful LifeAdult Contemporary - Folk. Generic vocals a happy ukulele and a shaker for this uplifting and emotional positive folksy track. Stinger B. Stinger BBruce Watson (BMI) 100%Solos Ecclectic Vol. 3Solo instruments.Who Did That MusicAdult, ContemporaryTL0612010-10-23
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Son CubanoUpbeat Cuban Son with a big, full band arrangement. Bright, cheery horn section. Brass and piano solos. A ray of authentic Cuban sunshine and white sand.Alex Wilson (PRS) 100% CubaTimeless, classic Cuban music covering a variety of styles from the dance and social clubs of Havana in its prime, to the cantinas of the Cuban countryside.RevolucionWorldNRV30082016-01-19
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Duck Duck MooseGet your giggles in this fun, upbeat comedic jazz track swingin with silly kazoo, playful vocal sounds, bouncy piano, lively drums, carefree bass and quirky percussion. No laugh track needed!Adam Mark Gubman (ASCAP) 100% Comedy a la Carte 2 - Ha-Ha He-Hay Ho-HoGet your giggles with this super-fun, wildly entertaining collection of comedy-inspired tracks. From ridiculous knee-slappin' ditties to cheeky sonic caricatures, you're sure to chuckle with every laugh-loaded tune in Comedy a la Carte 2!Non-Stop Producer SeriesJazzNSPS2142016-03-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Workin' Man#WillWorkForSoulMusic! Let us do the heavy lifting with gritty 'n' groovy bass, pumping drums, fresh sax and slick piano all workin' overtime under soul-drenched, bluesy male vocals in this classic R&B/Soul scorcher! Upbeat, positive and heartfelt.Stuart Barry Maxfield (BMI) 50% , Aaron David Anderson (BMI) 50% Motor City Connection - Soul R&B Vocal All-StarsThese recently discovered live studio recordings from the golden era of The Motor City's music scene, will take you on a nostalgic joyride through the 60's and 70's, when the classic sounds of Soul, R'n'B and Pop ruled the airwaves and injected an entire generation with the soul vaccination!Non-Stop Producer SeriesR&B/SoulNSPS2152016-04-11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Against the WorldDJ $crilla presents; Intense. Straight outta the hood, rebellious. Epic strings backup urban trap hip hop beats and tense horns on the edge of action.Daniel Delaney (APRA) 50% , Chris B Harris (ASCAP) 50% Flow Hip Hop HitsDJ $crilla present a 100% legit, on fleek hip hop hits. From chest pounding epic urban anthems to booty shaking club bangers, these songs ball hard!Groove AddictsHip-Hop/Rap/UrbanGA0452016-01-19
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks940000hrs MIDNIGHT GRAFFITILaid-back beat, under a soulful rhodes loop accompanied by street jazz trumpet.. Chilled Hip Hop. 95bpm. 30 Second Edit.DEAN MCGINNES (PRS) 50% , JASON MALLETT (PRS) 50% Urbanistica (Night Hours Edition)24 City Moments. 24 City Lives.The Funky JunkiesHip-Hop/UrbanTFJ0332015-03-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Don't Let It Drag You DownJump up and embrace the day with this super-upbeat, feel good indie/punk/pop-rock anthem racing with electrifying guitars, movin' bass, cool organ/synths and lightning-quick rock drums all cruisin' under young, uplifting male vocals urging you to make the most of this day. Do it!Peter Luke Adams (ASCAP) 50% , James William Driscoll (BMI) 50% Indie Vision - Direct HitsIf Rock is what you need, look no further than this electrifying and upbeat collection of hooky, guitar-driven tracks! From inspiring indie-anthems to riff-fueled rebel-rockers and classic-rock foot-stompers we've got what you're lookin' for in Indie Vision!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS2122016-03-16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks34Summer XyloLustrous and unstoppable, featuring exuberant synthesizer and synth drums that create a slick, energetic mood.Marcuss Hallden (STIM) 100% HouseBright with elements of Deep House.Sprint EdgeElectronicaSPRE0012016-01-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Holding Hands In The RainGo ahead, jump in that puddle! Let go with this ecstatic and invigorating indie-folk/pop/twee delight filled with frisky flute, lively ukulele, magical bells, toy piano, bouncy upright-bass, crisp acoustic-guitar, energized vocal ornaments and steady drums unleashing a flurry of feel-good, smile-inducing energy!Matthew Robert Mateus (SESAC) 50% , Jeremy Robert Chatelain (SESAC) 50% Hello Sunshine - Carefree Quirky DelightfulLight up your commercials and promos with this delightfully upbeat and cheerfully quirky collection of feel-good Indie-Pop/Folk tunes! Chock-full of playful, charming instruments and musical knick-knacks galore, you're sure to smile when you hear HELLO SUNSHINE!Non-Stop Producer SeriesAcousticNSPS2182016-05-12
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks19Cause And Effect30 second edit. Dynamic strings, flowing arpeggiated piano and ominous choir chants.Steve Carter (PRS) 100% New HorizonsSerious drama documentary for maximum mind stimulation. Cause and consequence in a rapidly changing world.CPMPromoCAR4612014-08-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13Hey MinorPeppy, choppy acoustic guitar chords and bouncy upright bass lines make way for fancy nylon guitar and clarinet leads. Version - 60 SecondCraig Sharmat (SESAC) 100% Gypsy Jazz Vol. 2Upbeat, Catchy Hot Club Jazz With "Boom-Chick"; Guitar Progressions, Masterful Ornamented Violin And Nylon Guitar Leads And A Contagious Vintage Feel.615 Platinum SeriesJazzSFL12072013-09-25
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks25Riding HighCheerful and bubbly, a stroll down main street wonderland where all is right with the world. Enjoy life with this upbeat good time song.Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 100% Happy BeatsEnjoy the ride! Happy Beats is filled with joyful, ukelele-banjo-whistle-filled treats!! Plenty of carefree moments just to remind us to keep smiling.AudioActiveFilm/TV StylesAA0142016-03-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks19Gypsy SwingGypsy jazz in the way of django reinhardt & stephane grappelli evoking paris in the 1930s. Version - 30 SecondFrancis Lockwood (SACEM) 50% , Christian Escoude (SACEM) 50% Gypsy SwingAcoustic guitar positive gypsy jazz from Paris in the 1930sMusic ShopJazzEM52832015-03-24
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks54Blacklisted30 commercial cut, immediate entry to big section of track.Wayne Murray (PRS) 50% , Paul Rawson (PRS) 50% Raw ElectricUpfront retro alternative indie rock. Purist studio recordings tinged with a modern edge.CPMRock, PromoCAR4522014-02-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks21Sea Change30 second edit. Upfront indie rock; main melodic segment.Andy Dragazis (PRS) 100% Independently BritishAuthentic, emotionally charged tracks direct from the UK indie rock scene.CPMPromoCAR4602014-07-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks11On the RunRacing, determined bongos & brass. Relentless & chasing. Countdown to crime. Version - No Melotron, 30 EditAndrew Britton (PRS) 50% , Stuart Hall (PRS) 50% Retro Action, Cops & CrimeRetro Big Band Recordings. Superheros, Cops & Getting The Girl!In-spiredJazzIPM0622016-03-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Bang BangClub goes down burning. Flaming techno EDM dance synths combine with powerful dubstep beat to wreak havoc.Scott Fritz (BMI) 100% Ditties 3Perhaps the best collection yet in the Ditties series. Ditties 3 brings fresh bumpers, vampable middles and stings. By popular demand, we've included more epic southern rock and driving EDM tunes in this release. So easy to edit or just drop in your production as-is to effortlessly get in and out of break. Ditties also work excellently as underscore for quick paced programming.MindBendersBumpers, Vamps, StingsMB0132015-05-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12Seared Not BurnedBob your head and boogie to this feel-good, upbeat retro-rocker dancing with lively guitars, driving drums, big bass and playful piano all grooving together for an exhilarating, smile-inducing sonic treat. Good times! Rock - Indie, Classic Rock, Garage, Blues, Retro, 1960's, 1970's. BPM. 60 Second.James William Driscoll (BMI) 50% , Peter Luke Adams (ASCAP) 50% Nasty Grooves - Finger Lickin' RockGet revved up by this big 'n' bold collection of infectious and hooky rock 'n' roll gems. From upbeat rebel-rockers to fist-pumping anthems and rowdy southern-fried jams you're sure to get addicted to the gritty, electrifying sounds of NASTY GROOVES!AttitudeRockATUD0162015-11-20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks21Brothers and FriendsAn uplifting ukulele melody gets doubled by an atmospheric synth over a fun, hipster-folk acoustic guitar and snare drum based groove. Version - 60 SecondFlavio Lemelle (ASCAP) 100% Joyful BuzzOptimistic and positive with simple, contemporary sounding arrangements and inviting melodies.Promo AcceleratorAdult ContemporaryPA0292015-05-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Blue SkyPop - Indie. This ditty is zestful, a real delight. It will awaken any ordinary day and get you dancing and clapping, no matter who's watching. Energizing bells and happy clapping right from the start. Listen for a little trash can drumming. Good time oooo's at 1:57. Full Mix.Stephen Estrada (BMI) 50%, Britney Holman (ASCAP) 50%He and She Singer SongwriterIndie Pop singer songwriter tunes with and without vocals.Groove AddictsPopGA0282012-08-20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks50Carving My SpotSnare drum rolls lead into an energetic, beach bash with fun, bouncy octave guitar melodies and blaring brass. Version - 15 SecondStephan Sechi (ASCAP) 100% Hot SurfHigh energy retro beach tracks that will drive you to hit the surf.KingsizeRockKSM0542014-06-16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks24Bring It HomeFeel-good & determined rock tune with synths & electric guitars. Driving & motivational.Martin Hilton (PRS) 100% Positive PromosPositively charged tracks to uplift you message. Big, uplifting & inspirational stories, achievement & success. Sports, promo & hard-hitting stories. Good news!In-SpiredRockIPM0732017-06-14
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