Saint Patricks Day

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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Top Of The Mornin'Traditional Irish music at the local pub with an orchestra invited out for a drink! A solo fiddle starts us off with guitar, Bodhran and a second fiddle entering soon after. Several flutes join the catchy melody leading to a short bagpipe section at :38. Version - Full Mix01:44Full MixWorldColleen Sharmat (BMI) 100%  
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks33Celtic Fiddle And BodhranSame as Celtic Fiddle, but no tin whistle. Version - Full Mix01:03Full MixEditors Toolkit volume 1David Marsden (PRS) 100%  
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks11The DownsWorld - Ethnic - Celtic. Irish, Celtic vocal theme. Full Mix.01:03Full MixWorld Music 1Holly Anderson (ASCAP) 100% 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Under My SkinA killer Celtic rocker with everything you'd normally have, plus mandolin, acoustic guitar and bag pipes! Guitar and mandolin play the theme over a bag pipe intro then launch in with heavy guitars, drums and bass playing the same theme. The verse at :13 s. Version - Full Mix01:35Full MixAlternative Rock Vol. 4Dale Oliver (ASCAP) 100%  
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9Celtic TravelRomantic, moving, lively, positive, traditional folk theme with dulcimer and acoustic guitar, building up and evolving, Film/TV, movie, documentary, travel, holiday, landscape, nature, animals, people, fairytale, adventure, kids, world, ethnic, national, ireland, celtic, news stories, drama, trailer, beds, underscore, ambient, atmosphere, emotion, evolving, magical, sophisticated, homepage, contemporary acoustic, themes, instrument02:37FullGuitar & DulcimerRudi Zapf (GEMA) 100%  
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5Tale Of A Weathered SailorA morose Irish ballad with a sad, desolate ethnic flute, violin and accordion melody. Minor and melancholy, depicting the burdensome lifestyle of a sailor. Version - Full Mix03:06Full MixPiratesSam Levine (BMI) 100%  
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Paint The Town JigDrama - Americana - Drama. Very Celtic sounding cue with ethnic strings and percussion. Full Mix Full Mix.02:13Full MixAmericana - Scene Setters V2Tim Lorsch (SESAC) 50%, Mike Radovsky (BMI) 50% 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1LazzericContinuous Bf bagpipes theme with strings & organ bed from 0:40. Version - Full Mix03:11Full MixLorient ExpressJean-Pierre Alarcen (SACEM) 50%, Bruno Le Rouzic (SACEM) 50% 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks74Gaelic MistHauntingly beautiful tone poem with female voice and pennywhistle.03:10Full MixAtmospheresEric Jensen (ASCAP) 50% , Joanne Coodley (ASCAP) 50%  
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Celtic TapestryTraditional-style Celtic melody w/ uilleann pipes & whistle. Version - Full Mix02:29Full MixWorldTom Snider (ASCAP) 100%  
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks65Shamrock DanceWorld - Irish folk rock with a male oots.An Irish dance party atmoshphere. Med Fast. Full Mix.00:32Full MixJingles Vol 10G. Le Monde (BMI) 100% 
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January 30, 2013
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