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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks11South Bronx HeistSomber investigative funk score. Urban, percussive with menacing piano theme. Watching a crime. 102 BPM. Full mix.Hank Dettweiler (GEMA) 34% , Lucas Kochbeck (GEMA) 33% , Tim Grunwald (GEMA) 33% THE BREAK DOWNraw old school funk, rare grooves, hiphop breaks & drumbeats from analog tapesPerfect PitchFilm/TV StylesPP0492017-03-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9Get SomeDJ $crilla presents; Aggressive, epic trap hip hop with a determined energy. With male vocals.Daniel Delaney (APRA) 50% , Chris B Harris (ASCAP) 50% LIT Hip Hop Hits 2DJ $crilla presents, LIT. The same award winning duo that brought you FLOW Hip Hop Hits is back with their incredible second album for WCPM. Mixed and mastered by the team that current occupies three of the four top slots on Billboard's Hot 100. This release is darker, more dramatic, and sexy than FLOW and compliments it well. Get it bumpin'.Groove AddictsHip-Hop/Rap/UrbanGA0482017-03-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Light And ShadeMinimal sound design bed with sparse arpeggiating electronic pattern, glitchy texture with light drama atmospheres.Richard Stephen Dutnall (PRS) 100% Chilled BeatsChill-out beats and beds, easy listening, ambient and mellow electronica with contemporary percussion and atmospheric textures.9 Lives MusicAtmosphere/AmbientNLM1222017-01-27
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15Fighting DragonChildren & Comedy - Quirky /Games /Retro / 1980. Kung Fu 3D Visual RPG Combat Computer Games Video Games Retro Hacker Geek Gamer Adolescent Youth Teenagers Fun Atari Noob Nintendo X Box Play Station Wii Sega Tetris Grand Theft Auto. Full Mix.Jack Prest (APRA) 100% Computer Games80s styled computer and video game tracks along with modern gamer tracks.Adrenalin Production Music LibraryChildren, ComedyAD21172012-06-16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks11Neon NightsStep out in style with this glossy & stylish retro-disco tune struttin' with funky slap-bass, jazzy piano, slick guitars, glistening synths and fresh drums keepin' all bouncing together to keep the dancefloor MOVIN! #Nightlife #NeonNights #DiscoChase Ryan Taylor (BMI) 100% Space Disco - Retro Ital-Euro DiscoBlast-off into a galaxy of good-times with this infectious, boogie-inducing collection of cosmic Disco tracks! Retro-Futuristic sounds transport you through time with sparkly synths, funky basses and groovy drums as you enjoy the ride in SPACE DISCO!AttitudePopATUD0242017-03-22
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5CE Ebony And Ironysneaky hide-and-seek pizzicato string arrangement with fanciful percussion, piano and guitar - 124.50 BPM, Full MixGeorge Chrichton (GEMA) 50% , Sven Hoff (GEMA) 50% Fun & DramedyDramedy with a delightful sense of humour. A comedy sitcom full of slyness, or maybe suspicious behaviour, scandal and gossip? Quirky comedy pizzicato based themes, country folk and cheesy retro funk pop at its best, for reality TV and light entertainment.Color TVComedy/CartoonCTV10252017-03-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Let It All OutColorful, happy, vocalized electro pop remix with exciting retro elements, bouncy beats and funny female vocals with megaphone fx, catchy guitar riff and sassy saxophone lick, puts a smile on your face, optimistic, positive, easy-going, euphoric, motivational, feel-good, young, fun, happy-clappy, comedy, youth, casual.Salme Dahlstrom (BMI) 100% Happy Pop & Fun Explosion - VocalThis ear-catching pop album by Salme Dahlstrom, the licensing queen from New York City (Wall street Journal) is pure energy, funky electronic pop with tons of attitude, funky drums, rocking guitars and cherry flavored vocal hooks all mixed up in a pop electronica blender that is meant to put a smile on your face and keep your feet moving. These young, fresh, catchy and trendy vocal tracks are exclusively designed, composed & performed for advertising, film, TV and modern media. Punchy, grooving, uplifting, danceable & vocalized fun-tracks for young & happy party-people. Keep your feet moving and say Yeah!CosMind Production MusicPopCPM45662017-01-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Four Seasons Spring Mov3 AllegroClassical - Chamber. Allegro, optimistic, great range of dynamics, soft and loud Performed by the City Of Prague Philharmonic Chamber Group. 89 BPM. Full Mix.A.L. Vivaldi (PD) 0%, Edwin Merrill Hinckley (Arranger) (BMI) 100%Chamber Works Vol 1Featuring Antonio Vivaldi and Luigi Boccherini.EMH Classical Music LibraryClassicalEMHCML0032009-03-20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1OcelotMesmerising downtempo electronica. Slick beats overlaid with smooth synths and gorgeous treated male vocals. Light off-key notation creates extra curiosity.Jacob Brady (PRS) 100% Psychic Film And TVA collection of organic electronica with a clear, original edge. Features cutting-edge players from eclectic sources.CPMDance/ElectronicCAR4982017-03-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9One UpElectro - Video Games. Retro video game music. 151 bpm. Full Mix.David Waugh (SAMRO) 100% Video GamesRetro ElectroCute MusicElectroCUTE1182012-07-12
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15Replicatorepic sci-fi trailer, foreboding, pulsing, fast synth arpeggio, drop @ 0'22, rising swooshes, giant horns and building synth pad - F minor, 120 BPM, Full MixMichael Werner Maas (GEMA) 100% Trailer Beast Vol. 1Trailer tool-box for epic action and sci-fi. All Tracks come with a large variety of sub-mixes and short versions plus stings, hits and sfx. A fully equipped, highly energetic and forceful kit.ElbroarTrailersER10122017-03-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks28Dramatically BeautifulMain Version - Floating piano with solo violoncello.Robert Schulte Hemming (GEMA) 50% , Jens Langbein (GEMA) 50% Film-O-DramaModern Orchestral Music, Emotional, Dramatic, Bittersweet And PassionateEnterprises SonorFilm/TVESO1782017-02-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks48Gramophone playingProduction Elements - Sound Design. Sound Effects-Household, His Master's Voice, very old. Version: Full MixZdenek Nedved (BMI) 100%FNX151 Sound Effects Vol 10Sound DesignFontana Sound EffectsProduction, ElementsFNX1512004-07-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Tu me mot disFrench indie folk. Female singer/songwriter with acoustic guitar reflecting about relationship. 150 BPM. Full mix.Fleur Dupleich (SACEM) 80% , Sylvio Pretsch (GEMA) 20% French Indie Folk & Alternative PopOriginal songs by Fleur OffwoodPerfect PitchAcousticPP0502017-04-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13Bjork ScratchingsRousing upbeat indie rock.Triumphant pop guitar riffing -Ideal sports roundupSamuel Marsh (PRS) 100% Math RockWild wacky indie guitar riffs and offbeat animated rock from Brightons finest Math Rock Outfit Bearded Youth Quest.Music described as the excited sound of kids going nuts at the park for an hour. Great for Sports trailers youth tv idents, links, games and animation. Day-Glo plastic lazers and 100% fun.Indiesonics LibraryRockIND0212017-02-06
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6SlipstreamUpbeat & feel-good indie, with quick guitars, percussion & vocals. Exciting!David Clynick (PRS) 100% Trash IndieEnergetic indie & rock. From nasty to nice. Driving action & adventure. Fun extreme sports.In-SpiredRockIPM0702017-03-09
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6Beachfront BonfireBanjo and acoustic guitar phrases usher in feel-good electric guitar melodies and commercial, summery country pop sounds.David Michael Baker (ASCAP) 50% , Matthew Evan McClure (BMI) 50% Unscripted CountryDiverse and dynamic, from peppy and energetic to nostalgic and mellow, contemporary music with country flair made for television.KingsizeCountry/WesternKSM0602017-02-10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1El Carteldistinctive crystalline piano theme with rusty bass impacts and stutter metal percussion - C minor, 95 BPM, Full MixLuc Pisco (GEMA) 100% Documentary BassLuc Pisco, Belgium bohemian and bass virtuoso paints mysteriously determined sound pictures, reduced to the max but deeply inspiring. A dark and inviting journey into contemporary independent documentary.Massive BassFilm/TV StylesMASSIVE10372017-03-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14Vals OrientalMysterious latin waltz. Middle East inspired.ISMAEL LEDESMA (SACEM) 33.34% , ADREA GONZALEZ (SACEM) 33.33% , ORLANDO ROJAS (SACEM) 33.33% Alma LatinaAcoustic Latin Moods With Harp, Guitar And Violin.Music ShopWorldEM52952016-10-16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6Lazer KatzMeow!!! Peep this fresh and upbeat electronic/edm track jumpin' with franticly fun synths, big synth bass, frisky fx, huge drums and soaring, melodic leads creating an exhilarating, euphoric energy! Playful, dynamic and young! #LazerKatzJamen Brooks (ASCAP) 100% Big Shiny Synths - Euphoric Electronic & EDMCatch the euphoric energy radiating from this upbeat, feel-good collection of exhilarating Electronic tracks! From EDM and Future Bass to Electro-Pop and Techno, you'll be transfixed by the brilliant, sonic-sheen of BIG SHINY SYNTHS!Non-Stop Producer SeriesDance/ElectronicNSPS2562017-03-27
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8Down On The OneSpy guitar fills combined with some funk and R&B melt in a fiery oven of punchy electronic drums and ambient percussion. Version - Full MixChris Jones (ASCAP) 100% Guitar ForwardGuitar-centric music styles reinvented, manipulated and mashed-up. Guitar Forward puts guitar forward, backward, sideways, and upside-down and synthesizers need not apply!Promo AcceleratorRockPA0282014-09-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Think Of Me SometimesDark, moody, indie female song with atmospheric and distorted electric guitars, lazy beats and cinematic feelSukie Smith (PRS) 100% Songs And Acoustic SketchesA mix of great acoustic pop and folk songs that will put a smile on your face or tug at your heartstrings. Half the tracks are from singer/songwriters with cool indie male vocals or beautiful and wistful female vocals. The others are creative acoustic instrumental tracks with strings, woodwinds, acoustic guitars, ukuleles and mandolins.Sauce MusicAlternativeSAUC0012011-03-14
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Digital Weather ForecastPulsing and intriguing, featuring atmospheric synthesizer, drones, percussion and bells that create an introspective, engaging mood.Patrik Gudev (OSA) 50% , Vaclav Janout (OSA) 50% Weather ForecastPulsing, atmospheric underscores with ambient elements.Tv ClubCorporateTV0212016-11-02
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7WeirdsvilleTrippy, atmospheric blues - A touch of the bizarre. Slow hip-hop beats with far out harmonica hooks.Lamb Ralph (PRS) 33.34% , Ross Andrew (PRS) 33.33% , Moody Micky (PRS) 33.33% V.BluesyEnergetic and feelgood blues with a cheeky twist.V-The Production LibraryModern DramaV1462014-09-30
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April 4, 2017
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