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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2We Will Be HeardWarlike djent / grimecore / nu metal. Heavyweight drums and forceful guitars combine with a huge vocal delivery.Chris Goulstone (PRS) 100% Precious MetalA milestone of modern metal rock and soaring cinematic landscapes.CPMTrailersCAR4722015-07-16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8Not Looking DownThis metal monster bulldozes with a furious, unyielding onslaught of biting, distorted guitars, barking bass and a pummeling hellfire of ear-splitting drums that flexes it's sonic muscle at every exhilarating twist and turn. Run for cover! Rock - Death Metal, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Sports, Thrash Metal. 180 BPM. Full Mix.Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 50% , Christopher Julian Vaughn (BMI) 50% Mortal Warfare - Extreme SportsFeel the dark fury and raw, explosive power in this rage-filled arsenal of metal/rock weapons. Sinister guitars, oppressive basses and relentless drums reign down a sonic-hellfire of full-fisted MORTAL WARFARE!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS2102015-11-25
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Against the WorldDJ $crilla presents; Intense. Straight outta the hood, rebellious. Epic strings backup urban trap hip hop beats and tense horns on the edge of action. Hip hop vocalsDaniel Delaney (APRA) 50% , Chris B Harris (ASCAP) 50% Flow Hip Hop HitsDJ $crilla present a 100% legit, on fleek hip hop hits. From chest pounding epic urban anthems to booty shaking club bangers, these songs ball hard!Groove AddictsHip-Hop/Rap/UrbanGA0452016-01-19
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks11Latin VipEverything is made of gold. Cut up big band Latin sample with sweltering future RnB drums.Jeevan Anandasivam (PRS) 50% , Ib Glindemann (KODA) 50% Latin StandoffLatin inspired retro cool using samples from the CPM archive. Fun, feisty and sexy remixes.CPMLatin, RnbCAR4592014-07-06
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Freaky Crazy WildAggressive, Determined, Intensity, Enthusiasm. Ecstatic melodic bouncer with heavily pounding beats, crazy stops and drops creates a total frenzied freak out.Queens Road (GEMA) 100% Essential EDMA tribute to hard-htting, contemporary electronic dance music heard on the main stages of the biggest dance festivals on the planet.Frameworks MusicDanceFWM752015-05-05
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5Got That FeelingFashion-savvy EDM club anthem with big, developing Euro synth chords.Thomas King (PRS) 80% , Alf Hanley (PRS) 20% Electric AnthemsEuphoric, EDM anthems straight from the dance floor.CPMFashion / EntertaimentCAR4622014-09-11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2You're NextDestroy! Razor-sharp, distorted riffs decapitate in this thrilling and explosive metal track raging with sinister guitars, bombastic bass and pulsing synths all racing over a relentless, pummeling metal drum groove. You better run! Rock - Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Sports Rock, Boxing, Football, Action. 150 BPM. Full Mix.Anthony Dickinson (BMI) 100% Bloodsport - Metal DominationLet the battle begin! Give them a sonic-pummeling with this brutal, no-holds-barred collection of aggressive and dominating metal/hardcore tracks. Sinister guitars, biting basses and colossal drums powerfully come together in the dangerous, riff-fueled fury of BLOODSPORT!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS2092015-11-24
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Party HypeGritty with a laidback Hip Hop groove, featuring a repetitive male vocal riff, synth textures and Dubstep elements that create a cool and confident mood.Patrik Gudev (OSA) 50% , Václav Janout (OSA) 50% TrapBass energic music with electro beats and synthesizers.SprintElectronicSPRT0572014-05-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2StankFresh claps, morphing filtered synths and hyped rise fx kick off this bone-rattling, dance-floor shaking EDM banger. POI at :28 massive drop with huge subby kicks, urban vocal fx, and a stuttering synth-lead bring the noise and move into an all-out festival freak-out at 1:35! Get STANKY! Dance - EDM, Electronic. 130 BPM. Full Mix.Joseph Gileadi (BMI) 100% Hands Up! EDM! - Festival ElectronicPut your hands in the air and jump to this electrifying, pulsing collection of bombastic EDM/Dance tracks! From bass-drenched bangers to pounding techno anthems and euphoric trance you'll feel the weight of this sonic arsenal of synths, beats and bass! Boom!Non-Stop Producer SeriesDance/ElectronicNSPS1880000-00-00
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Nail On The HeadTough, grinding amped-up blues rock. Gladiatorial entrance Bryan New (ASCSAP) 50%, Andrew Macdonald (BMI) 50%Beaten Up BluesDramatic and toughened blues. A journey through a divided land.CPMBluesCAR4352012-10-03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Faults ParadedEnergetic, heavy and fierce guitar and bass riffs and pounding drums with slick, metal vocals and creepy whispers. Version - Full MixJackson Eppley (BMI) 100% Hard And Heavy RockHeavy Metal, Hardcore, And Hard Rock Combine To Spit Fire And Rip Your Face Off!615 Platinum SeriesRockSFL12152015-08-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6Barrio Bad BoyChoppy electronic dancehall beats with Latin vocal hooks and FXs.DotInc (PRS) 66% , Jelisa Smith (PRS) 34% Latin FlavasThe many sounds of modern South America from street fiestas and late night urban dance parties to the traditional samba rhythms of Rio's carnival and beaches.Sauce MusicLatinSAUC0202016-06-06
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8Kick AssSurging with chaos and ruthless energy, this ass-kickin' track features fierce thumping beats, spasmic stuttering synths and gripping textures that raise a the threat level to 10! It's reckless, aggressive and epically energetic. KABOOM!Joseph Gileadi (BMI) 100% Electro Disturbance - Dark Electronic GroovesBe prepared for adrenaline infused EDM bursting with power house beats. This album features an explosive variety of aggressive Dubstep, Drum Step, Drum & Bass, Metal Step and other EDM elements.Anarchy MusicDance/ElectronicANM0092016-04-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3FightAngry and pissed off sounding hardcore rock with low guitar riffs, driving drums and vocal screaming. Version - Full MixJustin Ostrander (BMI) 25% , David Dorn (ASCAP) 25% , Bryan Edwards (BMI) 25% , Mark Lonsway (BMI) 25% Hard And Heavy RockHeavy Metal, Hardcore, And Hard Rock Combine To Spit Fire And Rip Your Face Off!615 Platinum SeriesRockSFL12152015-08-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Somos LatinosLatin - Urban - Hip Hop. Male and Female pounding vocals, strings, hard core hip-hop beat with a Latino flare. 86 bpm. Full Mix.Leonardo A. Vigoa (BMI) 50% , Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 50% Hot Latin Pop - Latin Pop Styles Bachata Cumbia MerengueLatin music styles; bachata, merengue, reggaeton, and pop.Non-Stop Producer SeriesLatinNSPS1082011-03-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12Titans Of The ArenaSlow steady purposeful drums and harmony guitars with crowd effects Chris Goulstone (PRS) 100%Stadium Rock SportsAnthemic USA, Chants, Sports Organ, Crowd FX, Live RockCPMRockCAR395A2010-02-10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9Suburban OutfittersRock - Metal. We couldn't do a whole cd without the obligatory pop-skate-punk cut. In an affront to genre purists, we've jammed in some hyper-processed jungle loops. Energy abounds with drive-by-speed drums, and there is enough lacquer on the mixdown to impress even the most diehard FM radio fans. Full Mix.Eliot Pulse (ASCAP) 50%, Judson F. Snell (ASCAP) 50%GnashMetal/rock musicGravityRockGV10452010-09-13
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Blow OutClean, crisp, uplifting and exhilarating, this adrenaline fueled super high energy ride will have you racing for the win.Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 100% Rampage - Power RockPut on your big boy pants and ride the Power Rock!! Rage in the cage, body slam the enemy, and spike the ball. Rattle your bones with steamy guitars, fx, keys bass, ear candy. galore.and. smashing drums.AudioActiveRockAA0122015-12-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Miss VipCool and fresh with luxurious and ornamented vocal delivery over tough beats, huge 808 bass and a repetitive synth theme. Version - Full MixJames Desmond (ASCAP) 25% , Panauh Kalayeh (ASCAP) 25% , John Peter Eugenio (ASCAP) 25% , Jasmine Denise Scott (BMI) 25% Hip-Hop Vol. 4Straight From The Street To The Club Speakers, Beats Get Busted And Lyrics Get Spit In This Collection Of Tough Hip Hop.615 Platinum SeriesHip-Hop/Rap/UrbanSFL12132015-04-12
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Movin and GroovinHuge and confident, steady mid tempo classic rock groove. Massive drums. Classic harmonizing guitars ease along in a cocky strut. Wild, soaring solo at 1:00.Scott Fritz (BMI) 100% Rock RoyaleOne of the finest collections of rock Groove Addicts has ever released. Epic, timeless and classic, huge and intense- the final stop on the road to rock perfection. All hail Rock Royale!Groove AddictsRockGA0442016-01-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1White OutFast And Loose Guitar Riffs With Thrashy Drums. A Rollercoaster! Version - Full MixDavid Clynick (PRS) 100% Indie AttitudeCatchy, Driving Indie Rock Tracks Featuring Guitar, Drums, and Bass.In-spiredRockIPM0472014-01-09
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Bring It OnHard rockin hard hitting heavy rock metal up-tempo sports, tough, pumped, adrenaline, supercharged, aggressive, driving, guitar, drums, gritty, high octane, action, fighting, boxing, hostile, relentless, stamina, endurance, extreme thrill seekers, chopperAlbert Calvo (APRA) 100% Rock Hard BumpersHard Rock styles ranging from metal to Rock with indie quirks.Adrenalin Production Music LibraryRock (Hard)AD21642015-02-20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8SupersawPositive Trap with insistent rhythm, synth Brass, 808 bass and effects. Version - MainRobert de Fresnes (PRS) 100% TrapGrime and bass infused dance musicRSMHip-Hop/UrbanRSM1672015-01-29
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Ace Of PentaclesPounding, driving, guitar-led rockWojtek Godzisz (PRS) 100% Indie RockCool, Anthemic, Festival-Rocking Riffs_Indiesonics LibraryRockIND0042015-05-11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Peckin' The CapTaste the white lightning! Sip on this gritty, Appalachian rocker filled with rootsy, riffing acoustic guitars, pulsing bass, lively mandolin and driving drums. POI at :48 distorted guitars join in with a rebellious, detuned motif that adds even more sonic power to this down-home, twangy treat! 180 proof! Blues - Rock, Country. 98 BPM. Full Mix.Ron Komie (BMI) 100% Moonshiner - Beats From The BackwoodsG'on now!.. Y'all take a li'l sip from this 190-proof, home-brewed mash-up of backwoodsy, country-fried tunes. From bluegrassy hick-hop to Appalachian hoedowns, bluesy rockers and swampy ballads, you'll get blissfully buzzed on this sonic white-lightning! XXX!Non-Stop Producer SeriesBluesNSPS1850000-00-00
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks66Sin StreetMellow with an evil, grungy overtone, this heavy track creeps through the graveyard headed right for a hellish, pounding chorus. Creepy and sinister with thick heavy guitars bringing in the evil.Deborah DiFonzo (BMI) 100% Grunge-MetalStrong, tough, and powerfully energetic music ready for a down and dirty fight.MetroRockMMP1062011-09-22
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Ridin' FreeShine up the hog and hit the highway with this feel-good, upbeat classic/hard-rock anthem cruisin' with electrifying guitars, pulsing bass and twangy leads speeding over a bad-ass, driving rock drum groove! Energetic, raw and full of ATTITUDE!David Kos Rolfe (ASCAP) 100% Retro Rock - Power Surge!Crank up this raw 'n' rowdy collection of bad-ass, rock anthems! With an endless supply of monster riffs, thundering basses and pummeling drums on tap, RETRO ROCK will have you hooked with a Power-Surge of upbeat, classic, RETRO ROCK!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS2582017-03-29
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