Positive Summer

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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4F.O.M.O.Energetic and fun with fast acoustic guitars and driving percussion propelling a big gang vocal melody.David Dorn (ASCAP) 25% , Bryan Edwards (BMI) 25% , Justin Ostrander (BMI) 25% , Mark Lonsway (BMI) 25% Indie Youth Vol. 2On The Verge And Upbeat Indie Rocks Songs With Stylish Synthesizers And Upbeat, Contagious Vocal Anthems. 615 Platinum SeriesRockSFL12162015-12-11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15Uplifting MomentsPositive dance popLuciano Menolascina (APRA) 100% Off The Charts - Pop 1Quirky modern dance popAdrenalin Production Music LibraryPopAD21782016-01-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10Summer LoveSweetness with a twang, unwind with the kind of friendly, positive attitude that turns small accomplishments into a real pleasure.Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 100% Happy BeatsEnjoy the ride! Happy Beats is filled with joyful, ukelele-banjo-whistle-filled treats!! Plenty of carefree moments just to remind us to keep smiling.AudioActiveFilm/TV StylesAA0142016-03-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14A Beautiful & Easy LifeEasy, positive, floating, optimistic, happy, modern acoustic pop, folk style, acoustic guitars.Dolph Albright (GEMA) 50% , Glenn Cartier (GEMA) 50% Easy Lifestyle - Feel Good MusicA captivating collection of Feel Good Music in various styles and genres with sunny & bright moods and loads of good vibes. Catchy pop-rock themes, optimistic & motivational instrumentals and easy-going folky tunes for advertising, promos, film, documentary, boulevard, magazines and daytime TV.CosMind Production MusicFilm/TV StylesCPM45070000-00-00
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10Hey BroSwelling with fun energy and a surf and sunshine filled, beachy outdoor vibe, Hey Bro has the licks and the energy to keep the fun going all day long.Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 50% , Anthony Dickinson (BMI) 50% Fun BeatsFrom fun loving beach vibes, to uptown city party tracks, to hoedown beats - If there's a celebration to be had, Fun Beats is on the must invite list.AudioActiveRockAA0132016-02-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4Golden DaysRock - Pop. Driving down a country road in the summer... This Alt-Country, pop tune starts off with lively acoustic guitars, clapping, a smooth vocal and quirky toy piano/celeste. Super-fun and light-hearted vibrations fly by as the brushed country drums and warm woody bass drive this train ahead. Inspiring and fun. Hello golden days, goodbye skies of grey, I'll do it all with you. 105 bpm. Full Mix.John B. Hancock (ASCAP) 100% Sunshine Pop - Pop, Promo, CommercialsPop music with a commercial vibe.Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS1102011-04-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8Warmth Of The SunWarmth of the brass, and of the sunCarl Orr (PRS) 100% , Carl Orr (Arranger) (PRS) 0% Guitar PasstimesAcoustic guitar, sophisticated and emotionalBasstone MusicAcousticBME0122015-05-21
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8ParadisioAdult Contemporary - Easy Listening. You have arrived in Paradise, welcome to the place where your wildest fantasies will come true. Laid back groove under a clean and lightly distorted electric guitar lead melody. Full Mix.Juan Carlos Quintero (BMI) 50%, Chuck Henry (ASCAP) 50%Chillin' With Moondo V.1Laid Back World Contemporary.Cafe MoondoAdult, ContemporaryCMGA0012010-01-18
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7JalopiesDriving indie pop rock with soaring melodies! This track marries alt rock attitude and African inspired guitar, spawning energetic and fun offspring! Happy times are conjured by youthful, brash rhythms created in a real band context. Vibrant, exiting and uplifting music for the young or just young at heart! Indie Pop. 175 BPM. Full.Alexander Salter (APRA) 100% HappysphereThirteen joyous tracks to melodically satisfy and rhythmically soothe.GASIndie, PopGAS0132013-01-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12No WorriesA carefree, relaxed whistle melody happily strolls through a tropical forest of guitar arpeggios, choppy reggae piano, and cool percussion effects. Laid-back and nonchalant. Version - Full MixRon Cohen (ASCAP) 100% Positively Groovin'Enthusiastic, upbeat toe-tappers that are sure to get stuck in your head and make you sing along.615 Platinum SeriesPopSFL11932011-01-06
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks20Summer DazeChildren - Pop. A rockinguitar and bass jam. Full Mix.Matt Harris (BMI) 100% Hip KidzChildren's musicCute MusicChildrenCUTE1102010-04-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Life CyclesThink of flying a kite on the perfect sunny day. This music makes you feel as though you can glide with the wind. Medium tempo. Atmospheric - Inspirational, Motivational, Human. 80 BPM. Full Mix.Lindsay Tomasic (ASCAP) 100% Warm AtmospheresThink of flying a kite on the perfect sunny day.Frameworks MusicAtmosphericFWM482011-02-18
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5The Endless SummerPop - Reggae - Soft, rolled guitar chord leads to simple beat and bouncing guitar lines. Beat changes to accented rock pattern at 1:04. Easy rock guitar takes a quick solo, hands off to reggae pattern. Build to ending repeat of rock hits.Scott Fritz (BMI) 100% Rasta Freestyle Pop Reggae and Nu RootsFrom beach to halfpipe, storm chasing to apres ski- Pop Reggae and Nu Roots to keep the vibe going.GravityPop ReggaeGV10702014-11-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks16Summer PleaseBig. Melody passes between happy vocals, guitar, piano. High energy guitars, driving beat make for unstoppable fun.Ehren Ebbage (BMI) 100% Cascadia Indie Folk PopA woodsy, organic collection of storytelling indie folk pop. Music that at times stomps and rollicks, sometimes soothes like a gentle wind in the trees- There's a familiar wisdom and coming of age to be found among the branched notes of Cascadia.Groove AddictsFolkGA0432015-10-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12When The Sun Goes DownMelodic romantic restful ballad sweet love guitar theme Peter Koobs (GEMA) 100%Sunny Days And Starry Nights - Themes For Summer, Holiday And Themes for summer, holiday and beach fun around the globePerfect PitchTravelPP0022010-04-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15Through The Forest Past The FarmBanjo driven Nu FolkLouis Edge (PRS) 20% , Jack Hosgood (PRS) 20% , Jakob Calladine (PRS) 20% , Tim Bidwell (PRS) 20% , Elis Davies (PRS) 20% Indie FolkBeautiful homegrown, acoustic, organic goodnessIndiesonics LibraryFolkIND0032015-05-10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks70ZestPositive & Building. Vox OOO's, Mandolin and Light Percussion. Version - Full MixBen Stone (PRS) 100% Acoustic PathsCollection Of Acoustic Tracks That Are Optimistic And Positive, As Well As, Folky And Thoughtful.In-spiredAcousticIPM0522014-09-10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks22GalacticFast rocking beat launches a dulcimer sequence over effected pads.Daniel McKay (ASCAP) 50% , Joe Kelly (ASCAP) 50% Indie AcousticAcoustic guitar based pop, folk and indie with a variety of moods and textures.MetroRockMMP1032010-11-18
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks20Apartment Of LoveThis warm and hooky pop instrumental features classic rock guitar and keyboard tones over pulsing drums and bass.Ralph Scott Torres (BMI) 50% , Robert Anthony Gonzalez (BMI) 50% All American PopTimeless, positive, pop-rock songs feature male vocals, clever and catchy lyrics. Instrumental and commercial cuts included.Song Junkies MusicRockSJM0052015-10-05
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1It's The SummerFeel the sunshine radiating from this care-free indie/alt-rock summer anthem beaming with lively synths, gritty guitars, driving bass and rockin' drums. Smooth male vocals remind you why summer rules as the track grooves along! Can you feel it? Rock - Pop, Alternative. 144 BPM. Full Mix.Jamen Brooks (ASCAP) 100% Sounds of Summer 2 - Indie SunshineRays of sonic-sunshine radiate from this fresh, feel-good, summer-inspired collection of Indie tunes. From inspiring Indie-Pop anthems, to hazy, retro-tinged beach-rock and playful electronic beats, you'll feel the heat in every solar-powered track! Don't forget the sunscreen!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS1840000-00-00
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks17Sunny SidewalkUpbeat and friendly with a surfy fuzz guitar shining melodic rays of light over a fun, choppy rhythm section. Version - Full MixFlavio Lemelle (ASCAP) 100% Joyful BuzzOptimistic and positive with simple, contemporary sounding arrangements and inviting melodies.Promo AcceleratorAdult ContemporaryPA0292015-05-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12Sunshine StackAnthemic Track With Climaxing End. Version - Full MixVince Webb (PRS) 100% British Indie GuitarThe Sound Of British Indie GuitarRSMPopRSM1612014-11-13
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7SunshineBouncy and determined, featuring breezy acoustic guitar, heavy electric bass, and pop rock drums that create a confident, adventurous mood.Jan Klenik (OSA) 100% Positively Commercial 2Upbeat and bright integrating styles of Indie Pop and Electro Pop, featuring occasion vocal oohs, acoustic guitar and synth textures that create a feel-good, energetic and enthusiastic mood.SprintPopSPRT0632015-06-03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks58Fun In The Sun Beach towel out! Suntan lotion on! Ice cream in face! Lovely! Smiley Retro Rock. 150 BPM. Main Mix.Jim Jammy (PRS) 50%, Roger Dodgers (PRS) 50% Seaside RockThe Funky JunkiesSmiley, Retro, RockTFJ0102011-06-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Soak Up The FunHappy and upbeat pop with a light groove and joyful trumpet hook. Infectiously feel good.Andrew Kingslow (PRS) 80% , Olvier Mason (PRS) 20% V.Big FunReady for the summer retro pop with fun cheeky twists.V-The Production LibraryYouthV1482015-03-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks56PM JogFolk - Rock. This tune gives you the warm fuzzy's of a nice relaxing jog on a summer night. The drums keep a perfect pace for a light healthy sweat. Electric guitar at :10 jump starts the motivation. Organ at :42 that just makes you smile. Pleasant happy bells at :52, 1:45. Pause at 1:22 where the electric guitar takes a triumphant lead. You couldn't be more comfortable exercising with a tune like this. Full Mix.Omar Fidel (BMI) 100%Positive VibesPositive folk/rock tunesWho Did That MusicFolkTL0752011-01-26
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6Adventurous LifeSummer Sports and Beach Fun! A fun, energetic and upbeat electro rock track switching between catchy uplifting melodies and pulsating forward driving synths and electronic elements layered with distorted electric guitar. In the style of energetic modern radio pop music for a wide audience. Rock - Electro Pop, Beat, Bright/Optimistic, Motivational. 130 BPM. Full Mix.Steven Solveig (GEMA) 50% , Queens Road (GEMA) 50% ADitude - Commercial VibesThe Producers' Dream CD. Find the perfect fit from upbeat and edgy to positive, energetic and inspiring. The go-to collection for promos, infomercials, adverts and corporate productions. AttitudeRockATUD0142015-09-02
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April 12, 2016
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