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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1She's All SmilesFull No VocalsLaid back summer pop with chipper whistles, vibrant brass, and peppy strings. Commercials, Ads, Programs, Bright, Carefree, Cheeky.Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 33.3% , Michael Jamal Jefferson (ASCAP) 33.3% , Blair Taylor Lavigne (BMI) 33.4% Pop AcousticSparkles, sunshine, smiles and sweetness! The perfect collection of feel-good tunes, guaranteed to coax a smile from even the crustiest faces. Bright, Cheery and Happy. Perfect for Ads, Promos and Programs.Non-Stop Producer SeriesPopNSPS2752017-11-21
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Shining BeaconFull Mixglamorous orchestral adventure theme, proud, captivating, building. uplifting brass, strings, heroic drums. following the light on the horizon - E minor, 76 BPM, Full MixFelix Magnus Grossmann (AKM) 100% ExplorerA voyage of discovery through great panoramic landscapes and dramatic worlds... 14 large-scale soundtracks, ranging from epic, powerful adventure scores to scenic splendor and magic places.ElbroarFilm/TV StylesER10542017-12-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Break ThroughFull No VocalsThis positive, feel-good Pop track features steady drums and bass, bright acoustic guitars and a swingin', syncopated brass section. Positive, Uplifting, Lively, Affirming, Promo, Ad, Commercial, TV, Program, Reality, DIY, Documentary.Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 50% , Hadassa Candiani (BMI) 40% , Giang Pham Huong (BMI) 10% Epic Mondays - Pop AcousticMake every day an Epic Monday with this uplifting collection of sparkling, acoustic gems. You'll savor each feel-good piece, as it transports you on an inspiring journey to your happy place! Feel Good, Heartwarming, Honest, Friendly, Carefree. Perfect for Commercial, Promo, Program, Reality, DIY and Documentary programming.Non-Stop Producer SeriesAcousticNSPS2832017-12-21
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Stronger TogetherFull MixAnthemic and inspiring pop with optimistic sounding piano lines and building tom drum hits leading to an airy, synthesizer melody over pulsing chords, light acoustic guitar and powerful percussion.David Dorn (ASCAP) 25% , Bryan Edwards (BMI) 25% , Justin Ostrander (BMI) 25% , Mark Lonsway (BMI) 25% InspiritLush synthesizers, echoing guitars and powerful percussion add power to hopeful ambition.Special Request LibraryPopSRL0152017-09-22
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4Born for LivingFull MixUpbeat indie pop rock anthem with female vocal.Hannah Lynn Miller (BMI) 50% , James Leslie Miller Jr. (ASCAP) 50% Hannah - Singer SongwriterCome walk the crooked path of quirky and fun to haunting and beautiful. Hannah is an indie singer songwriter wonderland.Groove AddictsRockGA0462016-08-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Get Up Get GoingFull MixShakers and tambourines under a cute, smiling guitar melody lead into an upbeat, easygoing groove. Version - Full MixDave Cleveland (BMI) 50% , Ken Lewis (BMI) 10% , Scott Dente (BMI) 10% , Blair Masters (BMI) 10% , Bill Whittington (BMI) 10% , Matthew Pierson (SESAC) 10% Acoustic Breeze Vol. 4Simple And Easy Acoustic-Based Music Beds With An Optimistic, Positive Sound.615 Platinum SeriesAcousticSFL12142015-04-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8Find Your Way HomeFull MixSoft and mellow with hollow sounding synth pads and filtered percussion creating an ambient bed for subtle, sweet acoustic guitar melodies. Version - Full MixDave Cleveland (BMI) 50% , Ken Lewis (BMI) 10% , Scott Dente (BMI) 10% , Blair Masters (BMI) 10% , Bill Whittington (BMI) 10% , Matthew Pierson (SESAC) 10% Acoustic Breeze Vol. 4Simple And Easy Acoustic-Based Music Beds With An Optimistic, Positive Sound.615 Platinum SeriesAcousticSFL12142015-04-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Morning VistaMainAcoustic guitars play an inspired tribute to the sunrise with motivating jangly rhythms and interwoven melodies.Lindsay Tomasic (ASCAP) 100% Welcome HomeA warm collection of intricate, intimate and inviting indie-acoustic songs.Frameworks MusicAcousticFWM872017-02-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Merry Go RoundFull MixA driving pop tune with contemporary drum patterns, glassy echoing piano melodies, and an upbeat, positive outlook. Version - Full MixMichael Whittaker (ASCAP) 100% Positive Piano Vol. 3Keyboard Heavy Songs With A Bright And Fresh Sound And An Upbeat Attitude.615 Platinum SeriesAdult ContemporarySFL12122015-01-20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Life As We Know ItmainCatchy upbeat repeated piano motif fun quirky cheeky playful corporate building to happy epic simple indie pop kids cute animation exuberant jubilant confident positive in the style of Apple adsAlicia Warburton (APRA) 100% Positivity 2A collection of uplifting and bright corporate indie tracks.Adrenalin Production Music LibraryCorporateAD21612015-03-03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Friendly FaceFullInspiring and uplifting, very friendly sounds, steady rhythmRob Maassen van den Brink (BUMA) 100% Positive drive 22Positive minded, suitable for life-style and trendy productions. The music is timeless as wel as modern, with styles like R&B, funk, jazz, rock, and slightly techno.AMPFilm/TV StylesAMP0832017-07-10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6Through The YearsFullA uplifting but introspective rock tune, starting off more like a ballad then jumping into a traveling style rock song.Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 90% , Anthony Dickinson (BMI) 10% High Life - Rock, Pop, and Funk BeatsThe perfect collection of rock, pop, and funk beats with just a bit of attitude.AudioActiveRockAA0172017-04-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4Milk And HoneyfullmixMagical and hopeful! Light piano melodies and beautiful pads with plenty of space for comfort and compassion. 74 BPM. fullmix.Tom Lang (GEMA) 100% Hope"See the light at the end of the tunnel"; 16 inspiring Songs of Hope and Passion. Not only good in quality, but also good and strong in their messages. Songs of hope for humanity, songs for a better world, and inspiration to make the world a better place.Color TVEasy ListeningCTV10572017-11-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10Warm CuddleFull MixFolksy optimism, a fresh renewal. Intimate piano, ukulele and glockenspiel for organic merriment.Will Grove-White (PRS) 50% , Max De Wardner (PRS) 50% Out Of The OrdinaryUltra friendly down-to-earth happiness! An eclectic array of hand-crafted instrumental and sonic variations.CPMAcousticCAR4782015-11-29
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5The Calm Before The StormFull Mixgentle piano and violin, strings, a clear blue sky developing into a dramatic storm @ 1'06. insisting violin ostinato introducing a broad orchstral theme, bottled-up emotions erupting - A minor, 67 BPM, Full MixNitzan Sagie (BMI) 33.34% , Or Kribos (BMI) 33.33% , Or Chausha (PRS) 33.33% Emotional ExcursionsIntimate moments, heartwarming piano & orchestra performances, romantic interludes, sentimental ballads. Panoramic musical portraits depicting scenes from colorful pastoral beauty to tearful reflection.ElbroarFilm/TV StylesER10482017-11-29
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Calling The EternalMainSoft, inspirational track featuring acoustic guitar with beautiful overtones.4P (OSA) 100% Acoustic Adventures 3A great sense of emotion and nostalgia.Fontana Music LibraryAcousticFN3962017-04-03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4Get Busy LivingFull MixBlending elements of acoustic, folk, and indie with passionate piano and rhythmic tambourines. Thoughtful intro leads to victorious middle and somber ending.Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100% StorytellersTell your story in an exceptional and emotionally powerful way. Storytellers will do its share of the lifting by lending an authentic, raw, organic, unique and dynamic brand of music to your picture.IgniteAcousticIG0362017-02-07
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6Thoughtful ReflectionFullWarm & earnest electric guitar with light sound design. Honest & whole-hearted. Love story, sweet & emotional.Mathew James Charles Prior (PRS) 100% Heart Of The MatterStimulating music for debates, discussion, ethical & moral questions. What do we really think deep down? Current Affairs, journalism & in-depth investigation.In-SpiredFilm/TV StylesIPM0752017-09-06
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7Gold DustFullSkilful rolling folky guitar melody with light percussion & double bass. Version - FullBen Stone (PRS) 100% Indie AcousticFrom the thoughful & deep to the kooky & avant-garden, this quirky collection is truly art & proud!In-spiredFolkIPM0602016-01-12
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Aerial PathwayFull MixLight and breezy, this acoustic tracks combines clean sounding guitars and effects with simple electronic beats and introspective, sophisticated chord progressions. Airy and ethereal sounding. Version - Full MixJerry Kimbrough (BMI) 100% Whimsy & ImaginationEccentric in its simplicity, acoustic guitar driven, unconventional sounding songs with a fresh feel and an out-of-the-box approach.KingsizeAcousticKSM0522012-11-14
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Learn To FlyFull MixRich string layers play under sentimental piano and acoustic guitars and lead into a positive, driving chorus with inspiring lead guitar melodies.Ron Cohen (ASCAP) 100% InspirePost-rock, hopeful and encouraging, full of imagination with elaborate guitar orchestration and a positive atmospheric approach.MetroRockMMP1102014-03-27
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Open JoyFull MixEmotional and optimistic solo bass with virtuosic ambient articulations covered in overwhelming effervescent effects.Charles Berthoud (BMI) 100% Enchanted BassAn Exploration And Abundance Of Emotions All With One Instrument. Naked MusicSolo/Featured InstrumentNAKD0112017-06-05
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1ImmersionFullRich, warm piano theme drifts over an undercurrent of moving strings and deep warm synth pads, creating the sense you have arrived safely at your destination. Contemplative, Inspiring, Motivating, Spiritual. Commercial, Program, Reality, Promo, Documentary, Film, Trailer.Jerry Williams (BMI) 100% Pianology - ImmersionThe piano is unique in its ability to express a vast range of human emotions. Pianology gives voice to some of these most deeply held feelings in this matchless collection of orchestrated piano themes of joy, hope, love, pain, despair and loss. Inspiring, Dramatic, Motivating, Reflective, Positive, Hopeful, Ethereal. Ideal for Program, Promo, Ad, Reality, Film, Trailer and Documentary Programming.Non-Stop Producer SeriesFilm/TV StylesNSPS2842017-12-23
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Joyful NoiseFull MixSyncopated Afrobeats drive choppy acoustic guitar rhythms and a positive, light European film score melody. Version - Full MixChris Jones (ASCAP) 100% Joyful BuzzOptimistic and positive with simple, contemporary sounding arrangements and inviting melodies.Promo AcceleratorAdult ContemporaryPA0292015-05-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6When You Need A FriendMainWarm but reflective track with acoustic guitar building with piano and kick drum. The comfort of having a friend.Charlotte Savigar (PRS) 100% Adventures In Young LoveThe soundtrack to growing up, first dates and endless summers. Positive, catchy and feel good acoustic tracks for that coming of age journey.Sauce MusicAcousticSAUC0272017-04-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks81830hrs BIRTHDAY DRINKSMain MixSmiley guitars set up for party of glorious yet surprising indie vibes.. Cheery Indie. 125bpm. Main Mix.THE RONSTER (PRS) 100% Urbanistica (Night Hours Edition)24 City Moments. 24 City Lives.The Funky JunkiesRockTFJ0332015-03-28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4BreathingMainNice crafted emotive-yet-breezy intro that develops into reflectively acoustic-gem. Romantic reminisces complete the charm.Ondrej Novotny (OSA) 100% Everyday LifeA collection of emotive, breezy pop perfectly coloured for a variety of commercial productionsTv ClubAcousticTV0222017-03-04
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Tonight I'm Coming HomeFull MixThis invigorating, upbeat folk/americana/country tune injects sonic smiles with lively acoustic guitar, warm bass, smooth organ, cheerful piano and driving drums all grooving together creating a feel-good, carefree energy.Peter Luke Adams (ASCAP) 50% , James William Driscoll (BMI) 50% Home - There's A PlaceHandsome Music presents uplifting and nostalgic Folk, Americana, Pop, Country, Indie and Acoustic gems that will point your heart in the right direction. Welcoming, heartfelt, inspiring and comforting.VALO ArtistsFolkVALO2492017-10-12
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