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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks97You Woke Me UpNo Vocals 30 SecondReverse guitar effects lead into optimistic, positive sounding synthesizers washing over punchy drums and percussion with tons of pop appeal.Jonathan Newell (BMI) 33.34% , Cody Glen Fry (ASCAP) 33.33% , Tom Snider (ASCAP) 33.33% Pop AmbitionFresh And Positive Sounding, Romantic And Determined. Covered In Powerful, Innovative And Contemporary Drum Programming And Glossy Synthesizers.615 Platinum SeriesPopSFL12252017-12-07
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks42Watch Out15 SecondUpbeat and energetic with exuberant brass statements played straight then effected for a modern feel over programmed beats, vocal effects and driving rhythms.Michael Whittaker (ASCAP) 25% , Danny Nagy (ASCAP) 25% , Emiro Samuel Eidan Molina (ASCAP) 25% , Michael Schulze Frohlich (BMI) 25% Club Retro ModernoVintage Latin Leaning Brass And Vocal Arrangements Are Pulled Into The Modern World With Fresh Perspective And Energy.615 Platinum SeriesDance/ElectronicSFL12242017-11-08
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks28Home GrownEdit30 second edit.John Ronald Hobson (PRS) 100% Guitar Swing 2Cheerful, quirky and bright acoustic guitars with a Swing and Jazz influence. Daytime TV, recreation and happy lifestyles. Featured guitars: Gibson, Martin, Manouche & Taylor.9 Lives MusicFilm/TV Styles, Food/Cooking, Family, ComedyNLM1362017-11-09
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Sucker Punch30 AClassic blues rock guitar riff makes it impossible sit stillJeffrey Allen (ASCAP) 50% , Axel Bauer (AKM) 50% Indie Cool RockDripping with classic rock pop riffs and killer beats Indie Cool Rock is sure to be all over radio and TV very soonAdrenalin Production Music LibraryRockAD22012017-05-23
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12Strut Delux15 SecondFeel the gaze of onlookers as you and your killer-groovy getup stroll ahead in slow motion to this funk-struttin' jam, with jiving drums, glimmering organs, funky guitars and snarky bass. Great for ads, trailers, and reality TV. Sexy, Groovy, Confident, Upbeat, Retro, Positive.Melanie Shore (BMI) 40% , Stuart Barry Maxfield (BMI) 40% , D. Todd Sorensen (ASCAP) 20% Metro Retro - Lounge MagicGet funky! This collection is packed with traditional and unique funk infused grooves. You'll be delighted by the array of smooth soothing melodies, explorative psychedelic textures with peppy upbeat flavors and edgy futuristic tones. There's something for every mood!Anarchy MusicR&B/SoulANM0132017-09-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks27Slacker in Slacks30 SecondRide the vibes of a sunny groove in this laid-back and cheery soul theme, featuring playful drums, grooving bass, surfy guitar, vibey organs, and tambourine. Perfect for ads, trailers, and reality TV. Sunny, Happy, Routine, Easy, Relaxed, Grooving.Stuart Barry Maxfield (BMI) 60% , D. Todd Sorensen (ASCAP) 40% Metro Retro - Lounge MagicGet funky! This collection is packed with traditional and unique funk infused grooves. You'll be delighted by the array of smooth soothing melodies, explorative psychedelic textures with peppy upbeat flavors and edgy futuristic tones. There's something for every mood!Anarchy MusicR&B/SoulANM0132017-09-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks61Lazer Beam To The Face15 Second No FxZap Zap BOOM! Get blasted by this killer retro/space/disco electronic track pulsing with funky synth bass, gliding synths and driving drums. Upbeat, funky 'n' feel-good! Ride the rocket!Chase Ryan Taylor (BMI) 100% Space Disco - Retro Ital-Euro DiscoBlast-off into a galaxy of good-times with this infectious, boogie-inducing collection of cosmic Disco tracks! Retro-Futuristic sounds transport you through time with sparkly synths, funky basses and groovy drums as you enjoy the ride in SPACE DISCO!AttitudeDance/ElectronicATUD0242017-03-22
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks59Bleed Out30 Second No VocalEnter the dark, bombastic and thrilling trap/hip-hop sound of BLEED OUT with colossal drums, rising fx, speaker shattering subs, aggressive bass and hypnotic synths all marching together for a haunting and intoxicatingly groovy experience. #BLEEDOUT Stuart Barry Maxfield (BMI) 100% Bleed Out - Future TrapEnter the dark, alluring, speaker-shaking world of BLEED OUT! Trap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance/Club and Urban Downtempo styles come together in a stunning, forward-thinking collection of atmospheric and infectious low-frequency beats! Go DEEP!AttitudeHip-Hop/Rap/UrbanATUD0222016-12-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5Take TwoFull MixAlso blues can be funny - a chilling fun title that sings loosely and positively through nature. Whether documentary or reportage - Feelgood always fits. 125 BPM. Full mix.Hubert Vogler (GEMA) 100% Garden Of FunAn joyful journey through the garden of smileys. Fun is the language of this compilation. Playful themes and amusing arrangements for funny points in your production. From warm and sweet to wired and crazy. You can't count the smirks on this album!Color TVComedy/CartoonCTV10552017-10-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks23Cinematic Epic TrailerFull MixTense battle music, aggressive strings and big brass section - moving, driving, action, epic, tension, evolving, dramatic, dynamic, deep impacts & hits, heroic, energetic, powerful modern cinematic adventure theme, thrilling symphony orchestra, orchestral percussion and classical choir, perfect for grand, high intensity, electrifying & motivational scores & trailers, modern sound design, Film/TV, Movie, Fantasy, Blockbuster, Motion Picture, Video, Computer Game, Documentary, Advertising, Trailers, Promos, fiction, drama, discovery, challenge, destiny, panoramic, determined, adrenalin, extreme, intense, sports, american football, competition, chase, pursuit, fight, thriller, danger, threat, exploration, expedition, brave, bold, courageous, hero, strong, power, force, military, army, war, attack, saga, epos, legend, conqueror, conquest, invasion, barbarians, romans, pirates, sea, ocean, cosmos, outer space, orbit, universe, progress, technology, new media, soundtrackJurek Zimmermann (GEMA) 100% Epic Adventure & Action - Trailer Cuts 60 & 30Cutting-edge Adventurous Orchestral Cuts perfectly edited & tailored for inspirational & motivational 60 & 30 sec trailer epics. Powerful adventure & action hybrids for heroic journeys, dramatic battles, explorations, competitions, sporting champions.CosMind Production MusicTrailersCPM45702017-05-12
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks38Enigmatic Smile30 Sec30 second version. Alluring Latin jazz groove with a stealthy edge.Steve Carter (PRS) 100% Latin ShakedownUpfront Latin styles with a Jazzy edge offering moments of scintillating directness mixed with enigmatic cool.CPMLatinCAR5092017-11-30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks23Avengement30 Sec30 second version. Short entry into the main brass melody from 0:03 that builds to an epic conclusion.Ralph Lamb (PRS) 50% , Andrew Ross (PRS) 50% Vice StoriesSwaggering retro cool; dangerous stories of inner strength and acts of revenge. Big brass hooks and flamboyant guitar riffs are enhanced by some narcotic drum beats!CPMFilm/TV StylesCAR5052017-08-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks26Welcome To The Bazaar30 Sec Foot-tapping swinging big band. Conveyor belt of happiness. 30SecPeter Thomas (GEMA) 100%Bizarre BazaarA trip in to the crazy and wacky world of the bizarreCPM Archive SeriesFun, KitschCAS0412013-06-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4K.I.L.L.Full MixAction - Aggressive. From the depths of the unknown rises a deep, pulsating ambient intro that gives way to a 4 on the floor kick drum, distorted, hooky synth riff tension fx. POI @ :37 Huge, bashing rock drums, and biting sinister electric guitars play in unison and lay down a thick, solid, energized groove that commands you to bang your head! POI @ 1:20 speak and spellK.I.L.L.” - then right back into the monstrous groove that crescendos into a thrilling, breathtaking climax. TOTAL DOMINATION! Full Mix.Nick Murray (ASCAP) 50%, Mark Moore (ASCAP) 50%RageAggressive, action musicXtortion AudioActionX0022012-07-09
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks41Kill Scene30 SecondTerrifying and intense with powerful slams mixed in with warbling bass synthesizers and disturbing filter effects.Colleen Sharmat (BMI) 100% Retro 80s CrimeVintage synthesizers and treatments combine in new ways to create a pulsing, suspenseful modern twist on retro crime music.Ultimate Crime & DramaFilm/TV StylesUCD0272017-03-22
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks42Stronger TogetherNo Vocals 15 SecondAnthemic and inspiring pop with optimistic sounding piano lines and building tom drum hits leading to an airy, synthesizer melody over pulsing chords, light acoustic guitar and powerful percussion.David Dorn (ASCAP) 25% , Bryan Edwards (BMI) 25% , Justin Ostrander (BMI) 25% , Mark Lonsway (BMI) 25% InspiritLush synthesizers, echoing guitars and powerful percussion add power to hopeful ambition.Special Request LibraryPopSRL0152017-09-22
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks55Happy Dream30 Sec30 second version. Uplifting indie pop with a bouncy and unhurried feel.Roger Dexter (PRS) 50% , Paul Rushforth (PRS) 50% V.SunshinePositive rock and pop with a light indie twist. Feel good guitars and uplifting drums feature throughout.V-The Production LibraryPopV1582017-10-31
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Around The CircuitMainFun electronic theme with a catchy robotic melody.Peter Max (PRS) 100% Mister GadgetCatchy and quirky retro 8 bit themes.Cute MusicChildren/Cartoon/KidsCute 1682017-06-20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12There Is HopeMainMinimal, experimental score featuring steady beat and synths.Vojtech Smetana (OSA) 100% Deep Future ElectronicA wonderful collection of electronic tracks with a "sci-fi"; sound.Fontana Music LibraryAtmosphere/AmbientFN3992017-04-06
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Caipirnha CadenceMainBrazilian influenced contemporary drunnline feature tastefully blends percussion drumming with Samaba and Maracatu rhythms,Steven Aho (ASCAP) 100% Percussion ParadeDiverse drumline pieces in the style of contemporary drum corps, classic parade marches, military drumming as well as Latin American and Brazilian rhythms.Frameworks MusicSportsFWM882017-06-12
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Feels GoodFull MixSuper funky and sexy groove with house piano and booty shaking drums.Daniel Delaney (APRA) 100% Funky Little Thang Classic GroovesBoo Ya! Oh, Snap! Y'all 'bout to be bugg'n! These jams are slammin' 'cause we only drop the phat shiznit, yo. Junk be fly, playa!IgnitePopIG0352016-11-01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Pulp Going With The FlowFull MixAlternative blues surf rock. Motorpsycho road trip.Andreas Schmidt-Hoensdorf (GEMA) 50% , Stefan Berlak (GEMA) 50% Pulp Crime Vol.1Psychedelic drama, road trips and b-movie glamourImpressive MindsRockIPMD0012017-04-15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2GadgetFull MixMorphing synthesizers combined with drum programming and ambient bell and harp melodies create a dynamic and moody track with lots of variation between light and heavy instrumentation.Ron Cohen (ASCAP) 100% Silicon ValleyInspirational, Motivational And Corporate Sounding With A Lean Towards The Technological Side Of Music.MetroCorporateMMP1152016-10-25
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Vampire UndergroundFull MixRising EDM builds intensely with pulsing bass line and positive, funky energy.William Arnett (BMI) 100% Ditties 5 EDMPeople can't seem to get enough Ditties. That's because they're awesome.MindBendersDance/ElectronicMB0162017-09-29
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6JuneFullThis feel-good, playful indie-electronic pop/rock track bumps with lively guitars, bouncy electronic drums, groovy bass and fun synths all jamming together for a energy that's atmospheric, kinetic and light-hearted. #IndieMinimalist #FeelGoodStuart Barry Maxfield (BMI) 100% Monochrome - Indie MinimalistOnly the essential ingredients were used this fresh, modern and eclectic collection of hooky, magical indie pop/rock/electronic gems! Glorious guitars, shimmering synths, groovy bass and upbeat drums come together in the simply perfect Monochrome - Indie Minimalist!Non-Stop Producer SeriesRockNSPS2642017-07-10
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